Book Review: Last Days – Author Adam Nevill


An independent film maker named Kyle is drowning in debt and is desperate for any paying job that will help his dire financial situation. A bizarre old man soon offers him a staggering amount of money to shoot a documentary on a sinister apocalyptic cult called The Temple of the Last Days (which met a grisly end back in 1975). Against his better judgment-and because he really, really needs the money-Kyle agrees to shoot the … Continue reading

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Trailer: Last Days (2011)

Trailer: Last Days (2011) When the virus hit, John lost everything; his family, friends and his future. Only Michael, another survivor and his protector, kept him from giving up. Nine months later, things are looking bleak as they begin to run out of food and supplies, and are constantly assailed by an horrific threat that comes in the cover of night.

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