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Book Review: Paradigms of Suffering: Dig the Knife Deeper – Author Greg Dixon


Years ago, back before she became a blowhard talk-show host and everything kind of went sideways, to a certain extent, for Rosie O’Donnell, she was a movie ‘star’ –at least in the loosest sense of the word. Well, as a star, one of the things she regularly found herself doing was press for the films she was in. Sometimes this meant going on Jay Leno and making the talk-show rounds, but usually … Continue reading

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Book Review: Duncan’s Diary – Birth of a Serial Killer – Author Christopher C Payne



I was forewarned of the atrocities found within Duncan’s Diary. Allow me to be bold enough to state I entirely disagree. Some may attempt to steer you off the slashing, beaten path and suggest Payne’s efforts are a carbon copy of Jeff Lindsay’s lovable anti-hero Dexter Morgan. This is a naïve assessment at best. Comparing the two would be like putting Jaws against Piranha, two … Continue reading

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Book Review: Abarat – Absolute Midnight – Author Clive Barker


Abarat – Absolute Midnight – Author Clive Barker

Here was the mystery of creation, played out on a field of dirt and desperation. Candy could see it, this mystery. It was happening all around her. Out of the common earth of living beings, fragile and afraid, came the extrodinary forms of the glyph beyond conceiving of any single mind. She heard the voices of her fellow prisoners, daring to hope … Continue reading

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Book Review: Soul Survivors Hometown Tales: Volume 1 – Editors Shawn M. Riddle | David Naughton-Shires


Soul Survivors Hometown Tales: Volume 1

Isaac Newton, working from dates prophesied in the books of Revelation and Daniel, proclaimed the world in its current state would end in 2060. If Harold Camping were right, the end times would have already happened by now and we wouldn’t be here reading (or writing) about a doomsday-themed anthology. Let’s not forget the widespread belief that December 21st, 2012, will result in the beginning of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Strangeways: The Thirsty – Author Matt Maxwell


First, a confession:

It seems whenever I start a review, I tend to go immediately off into tangent-territory, usually via a self-conscious aside, where I feel the need to give some of my own personal history as an attempt to give my review context. My wife likes to think I do this because I’m being difficult, but being difficult has never been a problem I wanted to correct. I’m fine with being … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Official Zombie Handbook – Author Sean T Page


The Official Zombie Handbook- The Ministry of Zombies

If you think your having deja vu, your not the only one. I’ve reviewed I believe at least 4 books sporting the title of “Zombie Handbook” this year…give or take. This one though has a particular focus in that respect which is centralized in Australia. I believe the message that is being sent loud and clear is that Zombies are all the rave. And…. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Warped Words for Twisted Minds – Author Christopher C Payne


Short Stories compiled by JournalStone’s Christopher C Payne

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, after all we’re all humanery stew if we don’t pledge allegiance to…

….I love the dead before they rise. No farewells no good-byes, I never even knew your now rotting face. Cadaver eyes upon me see….nothing.

Ah, nothing says Halloween better than a good, solid blood curdling, spooky, banshee wailing collection of short … Continue reading

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Book Review: That Which Should Not Be – Author Brett J Talley



Something lurks within the darkness. A spell binding, crippling fear taunts the very hairs upon the nape of your neck. Your stomach lurches as your pulse quickens; prayers for salvation or at least a fast and painless death. 

Talley’s odyssey into the unknown makes this tale a heart stammering page turner from beginning to end. From the onset we’re introduced to eccentric college professor … Continue reading

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Book Review: Roses are Red – Author Carrie Green


Think of the phrase “Roses are red“. Chances are trite declarations and gestures of love will immediately come to mind. Carrie Green’s short story collection Roses are Red, however, is as far from a romantic trifle as you can get. These three stories explore the darker side of mankind, with selfishness and deception among Green’s main themes. The lineup of Red is as follows:

-A Long Distance Relationship. Allan Gunther and his … Continue reading

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Book Review: Forsaken – Author Andrew Van Wey


When I was thinking about how to begin my review of Andrew Van Wey’s Foresaken, I gave serious thought to starting with these three words: “This book sucks.”  But when I floated this idea to my wife she talked me out of it, arguing it wasn’t professional, wasn’t much of a review, and in any event, wasn’t really fair.  After all, Mr. Van Wey probably spent the better part of a year … Continue reading


Book Review: Ghost Prints – Authors Jason Gehlert, Tammy Gehlert, Robert Milby


Ghost Prints by Jason Gehlert, Tammy Gehlert and Robert Milby
Ghost Prints is a collection of short stories by Jason Gehlert. There are also a couple of stories and poems by Tammy Gehlert and Robert Milby; however, this review will just concentrate on Jason Gehlert’s contributions.

“The Woodsman” is the first story in the book. A group of teens wandering through the woods happen upon a cabin and take shelter from … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cosmic Forces – Author Greg Lamberson


Cosmic Forces – Author Greg Lamberson

Heaven and Hell. A private eye who’s had enough with supernatural phenomena. This is the third volume in Gregory Lamberson’s Jake Helman Files series and boy was this one hell of a read! Having read Gregory’s previous novels, I knew what I was in store for with the third volume of his supernatural horror private eye series. Gregory manages to take a turn and pay a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dead Inside: Do Not Enter – Author Lost Zombies


Dead Inside: Do Not Enter: Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse

While the market seems almost flooded with books sporting zombies, talking about zombies, advising on zombies and comparing notes on zombies, it’s always refreshing to see a different form of product arrive. “Dead Inside: Do Not Enter” takes a welcome basic approach by collecting a smattering amount of contributed found items. Collage, discarded, distressed and thrown away, these pages each feature … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cold Mirrors – Author CJ Lines


You’ve been wandering aimlessly for hours, pondering the future, not really knowing what it holds, not knowing where you should go or who you should be. Always looking for answers, asking the big question: what is the point? Who hasn’t felt that at least once in their lives? Certainly, it’s a question CJ Lines keeps returning to throughout his short story collection, Cold Mirrors.”

Of the fourteen stories in this book, eight … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dead Of Winter – Author Brian Moreland


Dead Of Winter by Brian Moreland
(Samhain Publishing)

A predator stalks the frozen woods.

At a fort deep in the Ontario wilderness in 1870, a ghastly predator is attacking colonists and spreading a gruesome plague—his victims turn into ravenous cannibals with an unending hunger for human flesh. Inspector Tom Hatcher has faced a madman before, when he tracked down Montreal’s infamous Cannery … Continue reading

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Book Review: Zombielicious – Author Timothy McGivney


There’s no sense trying to hide it, or trying to tap dance around certainly elements of this book, because some people might find those same elements a deal-breaker and I don’t want to waste their time reading a review for a novel they wouldn’t read anyway, but Zombielicious, Timothy McGivney’s debut novel, contains not one instance of man-on-man love, but at least three, and depending on how you want to count some … Continue reading

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Book Review: Speak of the Dead – Author Chris Wade


Speak of the Dead Exploring George A. Romero’s Original Dead Trilogy

Have an insatiable appetite for flesh? Craving an epidermis entre? Find yourself beckoning Romero, Romero, where art thou Romero? Okay, perhaps that last one is only me but look no further zombie fans.

“Speak” is an intriguing glare into celebrating Romero’s visionary zombie flicks from Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead enough to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Midnight Solitaire – Author Greg F. Gifune


Midnight Solitaire

by Greg F. Gifune
(Kindle Edition)

The Devil is in the details. But then, so is God.

As a massive blizzard descends on New England, four troubled strangers find themselves stranded at an old roadside motel on a desolate highway in the middle of nowhere. But there’s a killer on the road. Something is stalking them, a maniac within the storm. Known as … Continue reading

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Book Review: Beautiful Hell – Author Jeffrey Thomas


Beautiful Hell

by Jeffrey Thomas
(Dark Regions Press)

Hades is in upheaval. The Damned are rebelling, and worse, the more human-like breeds of Demons are beginning to sympathize with their plight. The Creator Himself decides to venture into Hades to address this conflict, a conflict which may test His very sanity…and make him a target of assassination. Against this tense background, a Damned … Continue reading

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Book Review: Into Hell – Author William Ollie


Into Hell by William Ollie
(Delirium Books)

Miller’s lost, cloaked in a darkness that refuses to release him. He can’t run and he can’t hide, nor can he sidestep whatever’s tracking him.

He’s cursed, duty bound to walk these cracked and broken streets, to do what he’s told, go where he’s sent and push himself forward, to follow this bloody path no … Continue reading

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Book Review: Long Lankin – Author Lindsey Barraclough


Said my lord to my lady, as he mounted his horse:

‘Beware of Long Lankin that lives in the moss.’

Said my lord to my lady, as he rode away”

‘Beware of Long Lankin that lives in the hay.’

‘Let all the doors be bolted and the windows all pinned,

And leave not a hole for a mouse to creep in.’

If this sounds like something Fairport Convention might sing, that’s because … Continue reading

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