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Horrornews.net is a popular horror genre site marketed to all aspects of the Horror industry. While horror is our #1 focus, we also feature extensive material on the Paranormal, Asian Horror, Cult Films, Fantasy and Extreme Action. Horrornews.net is comprised of over 40 writers who contribute various aspects to the site.

Horrornews.net features daily news, film announcements, film and book reviews, interviews, live podcast shows and a collective of original exclusive articles covering all aspects of the horror industry.



Horrornews.net is the #1 favorite in search engines for “Horror News” (Google,  BING…).We also have an extensive social media reach which is over 100K and climbing. Horrornews.net is designed to network all our posts thru a number of outside channels.

(numbers are subject to change) highest averages for a horror news site for :
Klout Score = 81
Google+ 4171 (highest followed – horror news site)
Twitter 44250 followers (highest followed, though this could change since we have done some account cleaning)
Facebook 156114
Posts 18086
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FILM REVIEWS / BOOK REVIEWS (inquiries on HNN to review)

We try and accommodate as many requests as we can by funneling our submissions thru our review staff. If you have a new feature, a film project or just a collective of films you’d like reviewed on Horrornews.net, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Review time may take up to 2 -3 weeks due to the number of submissions we receive (which can be up to 40 films per month)

Note: Book Reviews can take longer

Book Reviews Update:
Due to the number of submission requests we receive, we may not respond on a book review inquiry till we have a slot opening to take on your product. (just so you don’t think we are being rude ;)
Email inquiries are kept on hand till reviewers have open slots available. This is due primarily to some books ranging in the 300-400 page range. We do get several inquiries per week to review books, though there is not enough time to review every product until slots open up. If you DO submit a request, and fail to follow up, its a sure bet that your email is deleted and forgotten, so please follow up with a review copy to your assigned reviewer.

Authors: We have found that many of our book review postings achieve top rankings in search engines. At times, we have even exceeded Amazon for rankings with #1 slots. While we can’t promise a submission will get addressed in a timely manner, it is well worth it for publishers and authors.

In short please be patient, if you don’t receive word in 6 months – then re-submit
We try and accomodate as many as we can.

Film Back catalogs are also welcome and usually achieve instant high rankings within search engine results.

SEND to submissions@horrornews.net



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