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Trailer: Venial Official (2014)

Claire Gundersmith played by Tiffany Browne Tavarez is a devout Christian mother who lives with her three small children in a remote early American House the immediate aftermath of World War II. She is given the news of her husband played by John Basedow passing from the war and loses complete faith. The three children Peter, Hellen and Three priests played by Frank Riano, Robert Arensan and James Sfferrazza make a routine visit to Claire to check up on her. Strange things have been happening that Claire cannot explain- coincides with a number of odd events, and Claire begins to fear that they are not alone in the house. The priest proceeds to cleanse the house of any evil. While performing the ritual one of the priest spot a woman floating across the hallway. – It’s his dead sister. As they time passes the house plays to an evil amusement tune. Visions of awakenings, past and present to the dark evil secrets of everyone’s past arise. The door closes in hell leaving behind the family of four inside of it. Now evil will paint its symphony masterpiece.


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  1. Just watched it. Very interesting plot, but poorly executed. Most (not all) of the actors seemed self-conscious. As if they knew the camera was “rolling”, which was disappointing. Unfortunately, because we’ve all seen the big-budget ghost films, a lot of this has many “been there, done that” scenes. More seasoned actors would have given the script a boost. The British accents were a strange surprise. Either everyone should have it or no one. Even more odd, the husband sounded like a southerner at the beginning of the film. Some of the clothing fit the period, most didn’t.

    All in all, an OK horror flick for a stormy day/night, but needs much work.


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