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Video Madness:Human Cockfighting ’96

In 1996 there was something extremely strange going on in California. Professional wrestling was experiencing new levels of interest and while ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) was taking the East Coast for storm with their own version of hardcore, the West Coast was getting Extreme too, with Extremely Strange Wrestling.

This underground sub-countercultural experience was truly a wrestling event for only the most hardcore of fans. Extremely Strange Wrestling is probably most well known for this show, “Human Cockfighting ’96” which took place on October 27th, 1996. ESW was the misunderstood child of the backyard wrestling promotion, “California Creative Wrestling”. J.R. Benson and “The Rapist” John Pearce both put their bodies and souls on the line for the sake of some twisted entertainment. Ron Hed was the voice of the promotion and Peter Hinds was cameraman extraordinar, and Voluptuous Brenda was the T&A.

However, the personality that stood out among all the rest was Commissioner Paul E. ( a homeless man from the streets of San Francisco ) who made the tough decisions whether he knew he was a part of ESW or not. Human Cockfighting ’96 is definitely a journey into the bizarre.

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