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BREAKING NEWS!! Sources Say Two Of The West Memphis 3 Will Be Released Tomorrow

UPDATE #4 Here is a live interview with Steven Branch talking about the hearing tomorrow. Steven Branch is the father of victim Stevie Branch. http://www.wtvr.com/news/wreg-west-memphis-3-freed,0,5638479.story

UPDATE #3 Famed writer and WM3 supporter Mara Leveritt is in Jonesboro and reports that it is true all three have taken their possessions from the prison and are NOT expected back. She also says that both sides have come to an agreement and that some media outlets are reporting information that is inaccurate. She also notes that it was rumors that got these boys into this situation and hopes it won’t damage tomorrows proceedings. I agree completely with her. All we can do is wait until tomorrow.

UPDATE #2 All three men are being transferred from their prisons to Jonesboro and have each taken all of their possessions with them. Officials not it is unusual but not extremely rare for inmates to leave with all of their possessions when anticipating being brought back.

UPDATE News reports are coming out saying Damian Echols will be one of the men released. This has been confirmed by Steven Branch who is the father of Stevie Branch, one of the young victims. Branch has been a vocal opponent of the three defendants even when most of the victim’s families have started to support the three.
In an unrelated post, it is being speculated that Jason Baldwin will be the other man being released. Courts have confirmed that he is being transferred to the court house and may not be coming back. More coming soon…

The circuit court in Jonesboro Arkansas announced an immediate hearing for the three men known as the West Memphis Three to take place tomorrow morning and sources report that the release of two of the men will be announced. Although no word is being said about which two may go home, Tennessee news source WREG reported that an agreement has been reached and multiple sources are confirming it. You can read the short article at .

The mugshots of Baldwin, Echols, and Misskelly after original arrest

Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelly, and Jason Baldwin have been imprisoned since the early 90s when an Arkansas court convicted the trio of murdering three young boys in the woods known as Robin Hood Hills in West Memphis, Arkansas. In a trial ridden with accusations of devil worship, false confessions, and even talk of Echols eating the penis of one of the young victims, hoards of supporters have always cried for the three to be given a new trial. The case has gotten support from celebrities such as Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), Henry Rollins, Marilyn Manson, Johnny Depp, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Margaret Cho.

As it stands Jesse Misskelly and Jason Baldwin are still serving their Life Sentences and Damian Echols is still on Death Row. Let’s hope tomorrow changes that for everyone. I will keep you updated with the news as I get it in.

This is Dai Green shouting FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE!!!!!!!!

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