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Got the goods on a new horror/thriller starring the incredibly prolific Bill Oberst Jr. titled BLACKOUT. It seems this dude has been in like two dozen flicks in the last few months. We just talked about Bill recently on our Official Horror News.net Podcast and now today we’re going to talk about him again.

BLACKOUT, a phenomenal psychological horror/thriller film starring Timothy Woodward Jr. and Hollywood’s King of Horror Bill Oberst Jr. is the second film to be released as part of the multi-picture distribution deal between Gravitas Ventures and Sky Studios International.

The film, directed by Matt Hacker, is slated for release July 2013 on Cable-on-Demand and various other VOD and IVOD platforms. As with Woodward’s most recent project, Finders Keepers: The Root of all Evil which was released April 4, 2013, Blackout will be released to over 100 million viewers nationwide via numerous VOD platforms including: Time Warner on Demand, Direct TV, Comcast, Dish Network, At&t, PS3, XBOX360, Netflix, Redbox Instant, iTunes, VUDU, CinemaNow, Google Play & Amazon Video on-Demand.

The highly anticipated thriller was written by Pia Cook, who was a co-writer on Finders Keepers, and is working with Woodward on several other projects.

The film follows young attorney Harley Roberts (Woodward) and darkly mysterious apartment supervisor Rommel Stanton (Oberst) as the bodies of several young women begin to appear in Robert’s apartment.

Just to recap, in case you missed it during that avalanche of info, BLACKOUT will hit VOD In July.

Here’s the trailer to get you all moist:


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