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The Final Recap Of The Season For THE WALKING DEAD

I’m assuming at this point you have all watched the season finale of THE WALKING DEAD and if you haven’t seen it you have at least checked your Facebook account and know what went down. If you haven’t, first off what the hell is wrong with you and second, major spoilers ahead so go away.

OK, with that out of the way. What did you guys think? I had a very “blah” feeling about the whole thing. I think they blew their load a week early, last weeks episode was beyond strong, actually quite possibly the strongest episode of the series to date and this week was a tepid follow up at best. Just my opinion of course but most of the postings I have read around the web seem to agree, good but not great. No real resolution to the main conflict of the season which of course was the whole confrontation with the Governor and we leave season three pretty much in the same position as we entered it. Sure, some major characters are gone but no where near the drama with Andrea’s exit as we had last week when Merle checked out but with that being said, still some pretty cool shit this week. Loved when The Governor finally went full blown whack job. while certainly not unexpected it was still shocking to witness. That was probably the best scene of the finale and it happened at about the half way point. Things got a little stale from there and never really got back on track. I think the big shock was supposed to be the end of Andrea and while they tried to get the tears flowing with her demise the fact that she was such a divisive character all season the fans just really don’t seem to care that she is gone. Reading a lot of posts that are glad she’s out of the picture. Watching Daryl have to kill his brother last week was much more emotional and Merle was a scumbag.

Still, the series has dealt far more hits then misses and while last night wasn’t their best work it was still a worthy addition to the overall picture and certainly sets up an explosive Season Four.

The episode merits and downfalls will be debated all summer long and will crescendo this haunt season when THE WALKING DEAD will shamble to life once again. AMC made available a handful of videos that go behind the scenes of this last episode, give them a look!

[youtube]http://youtu.be/8aa4QrZu7hc[/youtube] [youtube]http://youtu.be/uA7NqQBEaUg[/youtube] [youtube]http://youtu.be/LNbjkgEcHiw[/youtube]

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