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Film Review: Saw Misgivings (short film) (2012)


‘Saw Misgivings’ is a tongue in cheek horror/comedy based around the ‘Saw’ franchise.  It’s a kind of ‘Saw’ meets ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’.  ‘Saw Misgivings’ finds Janey, a suburban housewife, preparing for dinner guests while being hampered a hapless husband and wearing a ‘Saw’ style medieval headtrap which could kill her at any moment. Will she escape death?  More importantly, will she get dinner ready before her guests arrive?  ‘Saw Misgivings’ has been screened at the Leeds International Film Festival, San Sebastian Horror Festival, Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, among others and was nominated for the 2012 Melies d’argent award.


Saw Misgivings is a 6 minute comedy spoof that pokes fun at the memorable intro scene death mask device used in the first “Saw” film. Directed by David Lilley this funny little piece opens up on Janey wearing the headpiece which she tells her husband Paul that she found in the attic. With the baby swallowing the key to unlock it, Janey faces certain death. But that of course is less of priority than preparing the family’s dinner for the evening.

It appears that being stuck with a death mask tends to be a nuisance to Janey’s day-to-day activities. As they prepare the nights meal with Paul’s sister on the way, things get a bit more complicated with Paul trying to unlock the thing before it stabs Janey’s eyes out. “Saw Misgivings” is really a “cute” piece (if cute even sounds appropriate).

There are some nasty bits that work well with the humor this piece exudes making for the perfect spoof short film for horror audiences. You’ll want to seek this out and take 6 minutes out of your day to enjoy the fun!

Saw Misgivings (short film) (2012)

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