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Horror And Review Sites: Vulgarity and Profane Language Coming to an End! Read About Next Phase

It was a recent article published on Search Engine Land that caught my eye reaffirming something that we as a web site have been defending for years. Namely, maintaining a standard in our writers to refrain from using any profane or vulgar language in articles or reviews. Such language used, even if pertinent to the “voice” of the article, has …

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Book Review: Tales from Lovecraft Middle School 1: Professor Gargoyle – Author Charles Gilman

Tales from Lovecraft Middle School: Professor Gargoyle by Charles Gilman Quirk Books “Hang on a second,” Glenn said, “I’m going to tell you a story.” He flipped to a passage in the middle of the book. “Deph-pha. Ctzelzog. Enorhula-tu.” He was stumbling over the words; they were impossible to pronounce. “Is this French or something? Who talks this way?” Arguably, …

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