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Movie Script: The Evil Dead (1981)


[Daytime – Inside the Delta 88]

Scott: Hey Ash, where are we?
Ash: Well, we just crossed the Tennessee Border.
Ash: Which would put us…
Scott: Yeeeah?
Ash: Which would put us…
Ash: Right… Here.

Ash: What the hell was that? Are you trying to kill us?
Scott: Hey! Don’t blame me! It’s your steering wheel! Damn thing jerked
right out of my hands.
Ash: I don’t understand it. I had this thing in for a tune-up yesterday
and they said they’d go over everything.
Scott: Yeah! Well you better take it back because the damn thing don’t
work. The one thing that does work is this lousy horn.
Scott: Ah! Go to hell! I’m not honking at you!
Scott: Jesus Christ.
Linda: Hey Scotty! What’s this place like anyway?
Scott: Well, the guy that’s renting it says it’s an old place. Little run
down, but it’s right up in the mountains. Yeah, and the best part
is that we get it so cheap.
Linda: Yeah, why are we getting it so cheap?
Scott: Well, I don’t know. Might be in real bad shape.
Cheryl: You mean, nobody’s seen this place yet?
Scott: Well, not yet.
Ash: Well, it might not be that bad.
Linda: No.
Ash: Actually, it might be kind of nice.
Linda: Yeah.
Shelly: It’s probably a real pit.
Ash: Ya, I think this is where we get off.

Cheryl: This is the bridge we’re going to cross?
Scott: Jesus Christ! The whole thing’s falling apart on us!
Ash: Don’t let the noise fool you girls, this thing is solid as a rock.

Scott: It’s supposed to be one of these on here.

Ash: C’mon!
Linda: Hey!
Ash: Hey! Hey! Hmph!

[Daytime – Inside the Cabin]

[Nighttime – Inside the cabin]

Scott: It barks in the cellar. It barks in the cellar.
Cheryl: Will you stop it?
Ash: I would very much like to make a toast for all this evening.
Ah, as a great friend of mine once said, he said, “I…” Oh Ok Ok
“??This miss tu tarine??”.
Cheryl: Which means?
Scott: Party down! Ya!

Ash: What is this?
Linda: Whatever it is, it’s still down there.
Cheryl: I don’t like cellars. Let’s just close it up. It’s probably just
some animal.
Scott: An animal? An animal? That is the stupidest thing I
ever heard of. Jesus Christ.
Shelly: There’s something down there.
Linda: Maybe it is just some animal.
Scott: Yeah, you’re probably right. Probably just some animal. Here
Cheryl, why don’t you go down ‘n check, make sure?
Cheryl: Scotty! I’m not going down there!
Scott: Ok, Ok you cowards, I’ll go.
Shelly: Be careful.
Scott: Back in a minute.

Ash: Hey Scotty! You find anything? Scotty. Scotty! Scott!
Shelly: He’s just kidding around… Isn’t he?
Ash: Scotty!! Scott! Linda, get me a flashlight.
Linda: That’s the only one we brought up.
Ash: Then get the lantern.

[Nighttime – In the cellar]

Ash: Scotty?

Scott: Boo!! Hahahahahah Hey, come here, I wanna show you
something. Look at all this stuff. I bet this still shoots.
Ash: Probably does.
Ash: Oh God. Look at this.
Scott: Look at this. This kind of looks like your
old girlfriend. C’mon, let’s take this stuff upstairs.
I’ll grab the recorder and you get everything else now…

[Nighttime – Inside the cabin]

Ash: Ok, shhhh… Listen to this. This is the tape I found downstairs.
Prof: (On tape) It has been a number of years since I began excavating
the ruins of Candar with a group of my colleges. Now my wife and
I have retreated to a small cabin in the solitude of these mountains.
Here I continued my research undisturbed by the myriad distractions
of modern civilization and far from the groves of academe. I believe
I have made a significant find in the Candarian Ruins. A volume of
Ancient Sumarian burial practices and funerary incantations. It is
entitled “Morturom Demonto”- roughly translated, “Book of the Dead”.
The book is bound in human flesh and inked in human blood. It deals
with demons and demon resurrection and those forces which roam the
forest and dark bowers of man’s domain. The first few pages warn
that these enduring creatures may lie dormant but are never truly
dead. They may be recalled to active life through the incantations
presented in this book. It is through recitation of these passages
that the demons are given license to possess the living.

Scott: Hey! What did you do that for? It was just getting good!
Cheryl: I just don’t want to hear it anymore, that’s all.
Scott: Ooooooooo
Ash: Scotty, c’mon. Leave her alone, man.
Scott: Hey, c’mon. I just want to hear the rest of it. No big deal.

Cheryl: Shut it off! Shut it off! Shut it off!!!

Shelly: Cheryl. Where’re you going?
Ash: I can’t believe this. Scott, you knew not to play that!
I mean c’mon, you knew it was upsetting her. You just don’t know
when you’re taking something too far.
Scott: Hey, don’t give me that! You were playing it too. You could of shut
it off. I mean big deal! She’s nuts. I mean it’s just a joke,
c’mon! Jesus Christ. She acts like she’s three years old or

[Nighttime – Inside the cabin] Ash: Listen. Why don’t we stay up for a while and listen to the storm?
Linda: All right, yeah. Let me check on Cheryl first to see if she’s Ok.

Linda: Aha!
Ash: Ohh! Stealing from the blind, hunh? This is for you.
Linda: Ash, how sweet of you.
Would you put it on?
Ash: Oh yeah, sure. I was going to give it to you before we came up here,
but things got so hectic, this is really the first chance we’ve had
to be alone. Take a look.
Linda: Oh Ash! It’s beautiful. I really love it. I’ll never take it off.

EvlFrc: Join us!

[Nighttime – Outside the cabin] Cheryl: Is anybody out there?

Cheryl: I know someone’s out there. I heard you. I heard you in the cellar.

Cheryl: Ashley!!!

[Nighttime – Inside the cabin] Ash: What the hell happened to you? What’s the matter with you? Did
something in the woods do this to you?
Cheryl: No! It was the woods themselves! They’re alive Ashley! The trees!
They’re alive.
Linda: Ash. Why don’t I take her in the back room so she can lie down.
Cheryl: I’m not lying down! I want to get out of here. I want to leave
this place right now. Right now Ashley!
Scott: Wait a minute. I sure as hell am not leaving any place tonight.
Shelly: Cheryl.
Linda: Cheryl.
Ash: Cheryl, there’s nothing out there. Trees do not attack people.
Cheryl: Ashley! Will you drive me into town or not?
Ash: What? Right now?! Look, sure, sure, I’ll take you into town, but
just listen to what you’re saying.
Cheryl: I don’t care how it sounds. I wanna get out of this place right
Ash: Ok, maybe you could stay somewhere in town tonight.

[Nighttime – In the Delta 88]

Cheryl: I know it’s not gonna start. It’s not gonna let us leave.

Cheryl: Why are you stopping?
Ash: Wait here a minute.
Cheryl: Do you see something? Where’re you going? Ashley? Ashley?

Cheryl: It’s not going to let us go! It’s not going to let us go!
I told you! I told you! It’s not going to let us go! Why won’t
you listen to me?

[Nighttime – Inside the cabin]

Prof: (On tape) I know now that my wife has become host to a Candarian
demon. I fear that the only way to stop those possessed by the
spirits of the book is through the act of bodily dismemberment. I
believe now to avoid this horror, but for myself, I have seen the
dark shadows moving in the woods and I have no doubt that whatever I
have resurrected through this book is sure to come calling… for me.

Linda: Ok, ah, let me think. Ummm… It’s a seven.
Shelly: Oh! What suit?
Linda: Ahh… diamonds. N-n-no wait! Ummm, hearts!
Shelly: Oh My! It’s seven of hearts! You’re right!
Linda: Hey Ash! I guessed the card right!
Ash: Yeah… truly amazing Linda.
Linda: I don’t know. I don’t know, but I think it’s really some sort of
extra sense or something, you know, like ESP.
Shelly: Ok, try this one.
Linda: Ok… It’s a seven.
Shelly: I don’t believe it!
Cheryl: … of spades. Queen of Spades. Four of Hearts. Eight of Spades.
Two of Spades. Jack of Diamonds. Jack of Clubs!

PosChr: Why have you disturbed our sleep? Awakened us from our ancient
slumber? You will die! Nightmare is before you. One by one we will
take you.

Scott: What happened to her?
Linda: Did you see her eyes? Oh Ash, I’m scared. What’s wrong with her?

Scott: Cheryl! Stop it!

PosChr: Join us!

Scott: Ash. I think we ought to get out of here.
Ash: Yeah.
Scott: We still have a few more hours before morning.
Shelly: I don’t think I can wait that long.
Scott: You have to. We all have to! And then in the morning, we’ll get in
the car, and we’ll take the bridge. And-
Shelly: Why does she keep making those horrible noises?
Scott: I don’t know!
Shelly: Her eyes! Her eyes… For God’s Sake! What happened to her eyes?

Scott: Everything’s going to be all right.
Shelly: Scotty. I-I think there’s something’s out there.
Scott: Go to bed, and get some sleep. Ok?

Scott: Shelly?

PosShy: Thank you. I don’t know what I would have done if I remained on
those hot coals, burning my pretty flesh. You have pretty skin.
Give it to us.
PosShy: Join us. Join us…

Scott: Hit her! Hit it!

Ash: Scott.
Scott: Yeah?
Ash: What are- What are we going to do?
Scott: We’re going to bury her.
Ash: We can’t bury Shelly. She’s a- she’s a friend of ours.
Scott: Yeah, she’s dead. Shelly’s dead. We gotta bury her now.

[Nighttime – Outside the cabin]

[Nighttime – Inside the cabin] Ash: Linda’s still sleeping. I think once her leg-
Scott: I’m getting out of here.
Ash: Scott, we can’t take Linda anywhere with her leg like that. We don’t
even know if there is anyway back besides the bridge.
Scott: Maybe there’s a hiking trail, or an old road or some other way around
the cliff. I mean there’s gotta be another way besides the bridge.
Ash: Listen to me. Linda cannot walk with her leg like that. She can’t
even stand up.
Scott: Well, then we’ll leave her here. Until we can send somebody back.
Ash: What? Are you crazy?
Scott: Look! I’m getting out! I don’t care what happens to her. She’s
your girlfriend, you take care of her. I’m getting the hell out of
here. Right now.

PosChr: Soon all of you will be like me. And then we’ll lock you up in the
cellar. Hahahahaha

Scott: Ash! Ash!
Ash: Oh My God!
Scott: Help me!
Ash: Scotty. You’re going to be Ok. You’re going to be just fine.
You’ll see.
Scott: Ash. It’s not going to let us leave. Cheryl- Cheryl was right,
we’re all going to die here!
Ash: No, we’re not going to die.
Scott: We’re all going to die. All of us!
Ash: No, we’re not going to die! We’re not going to die! We’re gonna
get out of here. Now listen to me Scotty. Is there a way around the
bridge? Scotty! Listen to me please for God’s Sake! Scott!!
Scott: Ash. Ash. I don’t wanna die. You’re not going to leave me are you
Ash? Are you?
PosChr: I don’t wanna die. You’re not going to leave me here are
you? Are you Ash? Hahahahaha
Ash: Scotty! Now c’mon listen to me for God’s Sake! Is there a way
around the bridge?
Scott: There’s a way. The trail. But the trees Ash. They know. Don’t
you see Ash? They’re alive!

Ash: Shut up will you? Shut up!

Scott: Kill her! Kill her!
PosChr: Kill her if you can, loverboy.
Ash: Now, forgive me Linda.

Linda: Oh Ash, help me please! Ash, help me please Ash. Oh Ash. Please
don’t let them take me away again. Please.
Ash: No, I won’t. I won’t. I promise.

Cheryl: Ashley. Ashley, help me. Let me out of here. Ashley? Ash, help me.
Let me out of here. I’mI’m all right now, I’m all right now Ashley,
I’m all right. Unlock this chain and let me out.
Ash: Cheryl? Cheryl?

PosChr: I’m all right now Ashley! Come unlock the chain and let
me out! Hahaha I’m all right now. It’s your sister, Cheryl.
Ash: Ah you bastards! Why are you torturing me like this? Why?
Shut up!
PosLin: We’re going to get you. We’re going to get you.
Not another peep. Time to go to sleep. We-ahhahahahaha

[Nighttime – Outside the cabin] PosLin: Useless! Useless! In time it will come for him and then it will
come for you!

[Nighttime – Inside the cabin] Ash: Here. Here. Now, the sun will be
up in an hour or so and we can all get out of here together. You,
me, Linda, Shelly. Hmm.. Well… not Shelly, she- We’ll all be
going home together. Wouldn’t you like to be going home? I bet
you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Scott?

PosChr: Join us! Join us!

[Nighttime – Inside the workshed]

Ash: Oh Linda…

[Nighttime – Outside the cabin]

[Nighttime – Inside the cabin]

Ash: Back door. Shells. Where did
I see that box of shells?

PosLin: (On the record) We’re going to get you. We’re going to
get you.
Ash: Shut up, Linda! Shut up!
PosLin: (On the record) So sweet of you…
Prof: (On the record) …is through bodily dismemberment.
Scott: (On the record) Hit her! Hit it!

Ash: Oh come on… come on… don’t… like this…
Ash: Linda…

PosChr: Join us. Join us.

EvlFrc: Join us. Join us. Join us…

[Daytime – Outside the cabin]

Ash: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

written and SAM RAIMI
directed by
produced by ROBERT TAPERT

SARAH YORK……shelly

photography and TIM PHILO
special make up TOM SULLIVAN
photographic BART PIERCE
music composed JOE LODUCA
conducted by
engineered atAUDIOGRAPHICS
film editor EDNA RUTH PAUL
supervising JOE MASEFIELD
sound editor
second unit JOSH BECKER
lighting and
transportation DAVID GOODMAN
construction STEVE FRANKEL
assistant GARY HOLT
production DON CAMPBELL
location sound JOHN MASON
dialogue re- JERRY FREDERICK
sound mixer MEL ZELNIKER
assistant film JOEL COEN
dialogue editor LOU KLEINMAN
assistant sound DOLORES ELLIOTT

fake shemps

post production SOUND ONE CORP.
optical negativeDYNAMIC EFFECTS LTD.
negative J.G. FILMS INC.
title design AUGUST FILMS INC.

THE EVIL DEAD, the ultimate experience in grueling horror, was filmed
in Morristown, Tennessee, and in Detroit, U.S.A.


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