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GINGER-STEIN Cult Comic Favorite Comes to Screen?!

ENIGMA FILMS and IRON DEAD STUDIOS are teaming up to bring an Iconic Comic Book Character to life on the small screen. GINGER-STEIN is a wonderfully conceived character from the imaginative mind of artist Dennis Willman. She’s a former B-Movie Scream Queen stitched together and brought back to life to battle the undead. With her penchant for mayhem and one liners, Ginger has become a cult favorite on the comic book circuit and via a creative internet campaign. And now with the help of the beautiful Canadian Actress, Melantha Blackthorne, GINGER-STEIN is looking to come to life in a whole new way.

Rick Danford of ENIGMA FILMS is in the process of completing his NIGHTMARE COLLECTION VOLUME II Horror Short Film Collection, which has a unique character all its own involved in the framework of this popular DVD series. NECRO NANCY, portrayed by the gorgeous Krista Grotte, is an undead vixen seeking revenge on a collection former associates who sent her to a premature demise, all while introducing Short Horror Films for the Collection. The NECRO NANCY character tracks down her victims one by one and dispatches them while introducing some of the very best Horror Shorts from around the world. Thus we follow her developing storyline between each film.

With both characters hacking their way to the hearts and souls of Horror fans everywhere, the NANCY V GINGER concept has come to life. The plan is to tease the confrontation between our two anti-heroes in the final segment of the upcoming NIGHTMARE COLLECTION II and then follow that up with a NANCY V GINGER Short Film to set the stage for a showdown that will span the entire NIGHTMARE COLLECTION VOLUME III DVD.

Dennis Willman is currently hard at work on the initial artwork which will turn the exotic and sexy Melantha into GINGER for the entire world to see. Rick Danford is currently working to complete THE THING UNDER THE BED, which is one of the Horror Shorts to be included in the NCII Collection. Upon completion of the NCII DVD, Dennis, Rick, Melantha and Krista will begin the glorious task of getting two of the Horror genres most unique and rising talents on screen together for the first time.

So stay tuned for more details as NANCY V GINGER looks to turn the Horror world on its ear. It will surely be a sight to see and the dawn of a different kind of Horror Femme Fatales that will take everyone by storm!

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