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Video Madness: The Brothers Grunt

Today, we have editors choice per Bone Digger. If you winked back in the 90’s, you may have missed this great disgusting cartoon series from MTV. Still today its pretty hard to find though with the glory of YouTube, theres still hope to generate a new following. In digging, I found this little Wikipedia info:

The series centered around an ensemble cast of pale, rubbery humanoids distantly related to human beings, all of them ostensibly male, wandering around in their underpants. Their main food staple is cheese; nevertheless they are able to eat other meals (at least potatoes: see episode #23 Not My Potato). Their single parent is a giant, mute aquatic individual, called Primus Gruntus Maximus, to whom they are born as embryos inside skin warts, much in the way of the Surinam Toad (see Pipa pipa). They live in a monastery in an alternate universe. A group is formed, comprised of most of the survivors of their species, in a quest to bring back one of their kind, Perry, who has abandoned his involuntary position of “Chosen One” (leader of their order) and is now living the “high life” among human beings (who seem to deal with the bizarre nature of the grunts by ignoring them and pretending everything is normal, a la muggles).

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