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Special Unit 2 (2001–2002) – TV Show Episodes List

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With the exception of vampires, every monster from folklore and mythology is a missing link between apes and humans, and they all seem to love Chicago. To combat the threat, Chicago PD formed Special Unit 2, known to the rest of the department as a deep-cover plainclothes unit they should steer clear of, to hunt them down and eliminate them. Officer Kate Benson, who has always been seeing things out of the corner of her eye since childhood, gets recruited into the unit when she discovers people are being kidnapped by real-life gargoyles for food and is paired up with trigger-happy Nicholas O’Malley.

Michael Landes  …  Detective Nicholas O’Malley
Alexondra Lee  …  Detective Kate Benson
Richard Gant  …  Captain Richard Page 
Danny Woodburn  …  Carl the Gnome
Jonathan Togo  …  Jonathan


P- 0 001 Unaired Pilot

Season 1
01. The Brothers
02. The Pack
03. The Wraps
04. The Web
05. The Waste
06. The Depths

Season 2
07. The Grain
08. The Skin
09. The Years
10. The Invisible
11. The Eve
12. The Rocks
13. The Drag
14. The Beast
15. The Wall
16. The Straw
17. The Love
18. The Piper
19. The Wish

Special Unit 2 (2001–2002) – TV Show Episodes List

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