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12 Bad Jokes About: Insidious

Insidious (2011), is a delightful haunting/possession film directed by James Wan. It’s a film about a family and their attempts to prevent the suddenly comatose son, from being possessed by spirits from a realm called “The Further”. You don’t think that we could conjur up some badjokes about this film, do you?! In fact I feel that I “possess” the tools and “spirit”, to “further” us along to:

12 Bad Jokes About :Insidious

1) When Dalton, the little boy goes up and falls down the attic ladder, it turns him off from playing “Chutes & Ladders”, for good!

2) What movie is about Australian spirits trying to possess little Dalton?


3) What film has possessed video game character Pitfall Harry stuck in a pit?


4) What do you get by crossing “Insidious” with a Frank Miller comic book film?


5) Even though the spirits are from “The Further”, the one in the pictures with Dalton, seems awfully near! Maybe they need to learn distance values?

6) What did Dalton from “Insidious” and Dalton from “Roadhouse” have in common?

Everyone thought they’d be bigger!

7) What film has an acne riddled spirit trying to possess Dalton?


8) Why did the spirits from “The Further”, steal tents from a camping goods store?

They heard incorrectly, that “possession” is “nine tents” of the law!

9) What movie is about SNL writers possessed by their comedy skits?


10) What film is about Kevin Federline trapped by the spirit of his possessive ex?


11) What movie had spirits in a “state of agitation”?


12) What was Dalton’s least favorite Culture Club song, that the spirits of “The Further” really liked?

“Coma” Chameleon!

Well, that’s what happens when I get horror films on my radar. I like to call it my “raduh”, because of the jokes I’m prompted to write! Anyways, thanks to Insidious for being with us, in “spirit”! (ugh)! Remember, right around the corner, there’s a badjoke waiting to be written!

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