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Jersey Shore… Paranormal

 Interview with Lori Flurchick:
Southern Jersey Shore Paranormal Research and Investigations

How did you first get interested in the paranormal?

Well I have had psychic ability that I first knew I had at age 5, have always through my life have had experiences with spirits, energy and and seeing spirits.As I got older I felt I needed to know more..

How long does it take to learn how to become a paranormal investigator?

Its not a factor of how long it takes, to become one , but every day , every investigation is a learning process, and through that process you are a paranormal investigator, but remember every investigation is so different..there is so much that you learn.and gain. Its a never ending process.

Would you say that there is a lot of paranormal activity in New Jersey?

Yes I would I feel New Jersey does have alot of activity, we do private homes and businesses , and find that there is activity prevalent in New Jersey.

How often do you go out on investigations?

We as a group where doing investigations every week some times 2 a day on the week ends

What is the most common thing that you investigate?

We get many calls from private homes, that have feeling of being watched or hearing noises,seeing shadows, because our group specializes in negative , evil and demonic we do get calls from people and business that feel they might have this type of energy.

How do you feel about all the Ghost Hunting television programs?

They are very entertaining..and you have to remember when you are watching these shows they are 1 hour shows now if you watch them and nothing happens your not going to watch anymore….so in other words, they have to make them exciting. Thats not to say all of what you watch is fake but .but the real stuff is few and far between.

Do you have one experience that stands out among the rest?

I have had so many , to pin point one is very hard ..because many of them stand out. One would be a business where I felt energy and ask if it would come out and and make itself known and it did there was ectoplasm all around me..and another home would be that I saw orbs shooting around the attic, and I felt a spirit come very close to me I held out my hand to tell my fellow investigator ,’I feel it its right here” She snapped a photo of a bright ORB hovering rite below my hand.

What is the most valuable tool to take with you on an investigation?

Most valuable tool….ummm all tools are valuable…full spectrum camera,, voice recorder, thermometer, camcorder , so many .and the knowledge of of the environment you are investigating

Is there anything out there to be afraid of?

I myself do not fear very easily …but I would say if you are confronting, negative or evil be very careful if you do not handle things in a delicate manner, or know what you are dealing with .you can find yourself in a very bad situation…Many groups who do not have the experience dealing with these situations tend to call out..have aggression,,and want what is ever there to appear ..They should be afraid …they need to be very careful what they ask for..before they know what it is they are dealing with..or they just might find themselves in a very bad situation that they cant get out of .

How can someone get in touch with Southern Jersey Shore Paranormal Research And Investigations?

They can call our help line at 609- 296- 6216 and visit our website at


Lori Flurchick
Founder /Director/President

Southern Jersey Shore Paranormal Research And Investigations

Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087

Later F’N’ Later,


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