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Film Review: Hulk VS. (2009)


Who would win in a battle between Hulk and Wolverine? How about Hulk vs. Thor? Find out in this action-packed animated double feature, which matches up the unruly green superhero against two of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful characters. In Hulk Vs. Wolverine, Hulk goes on a rampage in the Canadian countryside, and Wolverine is sent to stop him. In Hulk Vs. Thor, Loki pits Thor against the Midgard beast known as the Incredible Hulk.


Double the power, double the fun! Hulk may not seem like an appropriate choice for a horror column review but I beg to differ. Any hardcore comic fan knows the hulk is one angry beast of a monster and this round he’s gone ballistic. What a clever marketing gimmick and a nice reward to get 2 Hulk films for the price of 1. I may be well in my adulthood by I still enjoy a great Hulk cartoon to take up my evening. We have 2 films this round which include “Hulk VS. Thor” and “Hulk vs. Wolverine”. Since the Thor one was first I’ll talk about that one. We have a nice collection of Thor Mythology characters making appearances. The confrontation comes in the way of Loki, Thor’s evil stepbrother and Amora The Enchantress who has plucked Hulk from his realm in hopes of separating Banner from the beast so that Loki can control the Hulk and finally crush Thor. I know its a stretch but using there immortal powers they pull the hulkness out of Banner and in turn release an unstoppable beast.

Now the cool thing is, is when the Hulk starts kicking ass, he literally mops the floor with “everyone”. This is no tame Ferigno Hulk this your Asgard stomping the crap out of Hulk that sweeps his adversaries with the stroke of his hand like flies. Thor who up to this point has taken down all before him steps up to put the Hulk in his place. Though what he finds is the unrestrained Hulk is no wimp even against the God of Thunder and literally gets his face pummeled in. Yes, I doubt you’ll see Hulk give anyone such a beating as you do here, but Thor not only gets beaten up but pummeled in the face so many times he literally is pushed into the ground. Luckily Amora still has a heart and helps save the day or we’d have lost an Avenger easily. After wards Loki and Thor battle about but as hero films go,. We even take a trip down to into hell to ask for help but as we know the bad guys never win . A pretty fine Hulk story and an even better Thor story as we get a gist of Thor’s realm, history and load of Thor realm characters. Folks there’s alot of violet action going on..but keep in mind The Hulk is a monster that gets stronger as his rage increases. No other characters can claim that obvious advantage of increasing strength to a monster gone wild.

Next up “Hulk VS Wolverine”. You know when those 2 go at it its gonna be a party of pain. Ands party of pain is exactly what you get. Wolverine is called in by the military due to the Hulk rampaging a local village. Of course the fearless Wolverine takes the job and hunts him down. As expected, an all out battle ensues and alot of facing crushing blows are exchanged. Like the Thor tale, Hulk gets Wolverine down on the ground and pounds his face into pulp. A pretty common occurrence into these 2 movies. This only pisses off the regenerating Wolverine more who attacks with his admantium claws. The advantage here is that Wolverine can cut into the Hulk and cause pain. Now how do you know this is now a kid -intended film? Well for one there’s plenty of blood scenes, dismembering, and even a rip aapart by the arms scene, pretty intense! In comes the team known as Weapon X. Yep they are the bad guys in case your taking notes. Weapon x is Omega Red, Deadpool, Sabre Tooth, and Death strike.

A equally violent and pissed off team who wants to put both Wolverine and the Hulk down. The film becomes an all out war of bash, slice and beat downs. Very entertaining and the range of extra characters makes for a pretty cool battle. Though I recommend you just check it out and see how it all comes down. Between the 2 tales it pretty solid entertainment with a bit of bloodshed here and there for thrills.

In closing, this set may be a cartoon but its got the violence of an adult film. The makers have seemed to realize if not already who there target audience is and have made adjustments as in this offering. The rage of Hulk is worth the visit alone, although this really is a great living comic book DVD. I have enjoyed Marvels previous releases, but I can see that they are really getting it when it comes to presentation and delivery. Hulk VS is not only recommended its a must . Brutal, heroic, great story telling and a wave of killer characters…….. If this is the upcoming vision for Marvel I’m on board for the full ride, incredible!!!

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