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Horrors of Humanity: Gore and Vomit

Gore and vomit have always had a relationship, with truly gory films such as the Guinea Pig movies and the August Underground films inducing gallons of vomit across the planet.

Director Lucifer Valentine has combined the two ‘hobbies’ into a new genre he calls ‘vomit gore’. They feature vomit, and may cause the viewer to join in. I made it 11 minutes into his first film, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, before I had to take a break, and I made it nine minutes into his newest vomit gore epic, reGOREgitated Sacrifice, before hitting the pause button to dry heave.

It’s not just the drilling into the eyeballs, the splitting of two conjoined twins joined at the face, the actual violent sex, complete with beatings and bruising, and the perverse counter-images of a small child playing. It’s not the gritty sounds and the fact that the films look like snuff movies. It is all the vomit (and every other bodily fluid and excretion) that made me turn away. If you can handle all the vomiting, then check out these disturbing gore films. I am happy to have seen the films just so I can brag that I saw them, much like viewing a dead body.

As to vomiting and other such matters, I have to give “2 Girls and a Cup” a big thumbs down- my throat- causing me to gag. How can I ever order ice cream again? I’d much rather watch people’s reactions to it than the actual video itself. Recently one-year old Stewie on “Family Guy” watched it. I’m not sure why people love vomit so much, but there seems to be a big market for it.

Now for my non-fiction review of the week- PLEDGED: The Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins, who went undercover to a Southern sorority. Let me give you an example of something I learned in the book, which will give you a good indication of the realities of sorority life: vomit is so corrosive that in the sorority houses where bulimia was common plumbers would have to come out on a regular basis to fix the plumbing. The stomach acids would eat right through the pipes. Plumbers made their income fixing plumbing corroded by bulimic sorority chick vomit.

I also learned what a “fupa” is, a fact I will now share with you. “Fat Upper P*ssy Area”. That’s sorority talk these days, the book has samples of IMs using this term, as well as other trendy new vocabulary and ideas. It’s the literary equivalent of a reality show you can’t admit that you watch.

The author has a huge chip on her shoulder and equates sororities with high school cliques which she could never get into. You can feel her resentment in every line, though she tries to make the book objective. But who can’t relate to hating bulimia-worshipping soul-crushing back-stabbing (according to the author) sorority girls? Its good sleazy fun, like a good slasher flick. All these sorority vomit-girls need is a Freddy Kruger or a Jason Voorhees to hack them up while they’re getting stoned having pillow fights. Think of Black Christmas mixed with roman showers. It’s not scary in the sense of BOO! Scary but it is unnerving to know about the sorority vomit-culture. Great book!

Horrors of Humanity: Gore and Vomit

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