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Book Review: Tales From the Crypt – Collectives 1-4

Published by Papercutz
Retail $7.97 each

I loved these as a child and I still love them now. My latest review is a collection of Tales from the Crypt graphic novels I received being released by Papercutz. The first thing you’ll notice before even reading them is the nice stock and perfect reading size of these gems at 5 x 7.5. Retail priced at $7.97 each they make a great addition to any horror fan or comic book library Great artwork, solid colors and intriguing stories. These kind of reads of reads were always an inspiration as they these were the original model for Master of Horror films before there were TV weekly series.

Full of ironies, trick endings, creatures of the night and dark tales you could always count on Tales from the Crypt to take you on a journey where you knew some take on horror and twist would rear its ugly head at you. Even in modern day horror anthologies that go straight to film or TV, few could live up to the quality of story telling that an issue would bring. For those who don’t know the story of Tales, they experienced some difficulty 50 years back when the government stepped in to ban certain comics and books that were viewed as influential to juvenile delinquency. Of course that is foolish, but it put a damper on the EC comic releases.

Now back again in a time where comics like this are way below the radar, we can enjoy their new revival with new releases on the shelves. From these new releases come these first 4 which are suitable entertainment for kids, teens and adults alike. The intent is directed more on story telling than pure shock and awe and its a pleasure to be re-acquainted with. As you read these great shorts you are introduced to comics that come alive, collectors that learn lessons, landlords who face certain fate and the outcome of folks who let greed influence there actions. In short, TFTC are filled with lessons, morals and I told you so’s that entertain, frighten and see to certain justice where justice is deserved. The art work and story telling is as incredible as ever and easy to follow. The sturdy print quality will preserve these treasures for years to come. You can’t wrong with these and I haven’t been a teen for 30 years!

These first 4 are available as individuals as well as a box set.
Personally I recommend the box set and it also makes for a nice X-mas gift!

I highly recommend these to buyers and collectors. As mentioned the size of them is perfect to take with you or stock on a shelf. Check em out before they are sold out!

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