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Book Review: Tales from the Crypt – Issue 8

Published by Papercutz
Retail $3.95 each

Back again to cover another issue of Tales from the Crypt. This time we take a look at new issue #8. The special thing about this particular one is the 2 cover alternates. The one I happen to be reviewing is the special “Palin” issue, directed at the reports of Palin and here book burning sessions. But all that stuff is covered in a special editorial at the comics end by Cathy Gaines Mifsud. Why, you ask? Well it indirectly refers to the similar problems that the EC comics had way back when the government was censoring horror comics and banning certain titles.

Moving onward to the “issue” at hand, again we are joined with the Cryptkeeprs and this time 2 edgy but made for all type tales. The first covers a lady who upon being given new life turns out to be an evil, money -monger vixen and no short of a living monster. The art is a some nice computer designed panels that illustrate the tale pretty nicely per artist Christian Zanier. The 2nd tale named Virtual Hoodoo is a a more pen, colored pencil and ink style tale about a computer gamer turning his vengeance on his former employer. This tale did less for me though it was still fun and the kids will like it. The issue is printed at 6.75×10″ on glossy paper AT 48 Pages and is a nice format for collectors.

If you are expecting the more adult flavored Tales from the Crypt, you won’t find it here, as the publishers PAPERCUTZ take certain pride in presenting an all ages type of comic that are deep with irony and morals. They even go over that fact in their editorial on how they wanted to keep these editions closer to the old school 1950’s style and not go in the visceral vein of modern horrific trappings. So give or take, these editions will appeal to a portion of the comic audience while it might be too light for other viewers. All in all these are still fun reads!

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