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Film Review: Homewrecker (2019)

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Two women befriend each other, but one becomes obsessed with the other


Alex Essoe is always this force of nature in films. Homewrecker was directed by Zach Gayne and written by, Precious Chong, Alex Essoe and Zach Gayne. Precious Chong is Linda and Alex Essoe plays Michelle. Sudsy pink bubble bath, makes you want to take a bubble bath. Michelle is in her enthusiastic spin class, a yoga class and pilates. I may have missed a class. Linda notices Michelle and saves her with a tampon. You don’t often see that in movies. We get periods, it happens! Michelle was disappointed because her and her husband are trying to start a family so that period was a big bummer.

An enthusiastic Linda spots Michelle at a coffee shop and well, “f*ck.” Precious is doing the greatest job playing this character, she has this wide-eyed smiley look and she digs right in there playing Linda. Michelle is looking for peace and quiet but small talk turns into something more at the coffee shop.

Michelle is an interior designer and guess what! Guess!… I’ll wait. Linda wants her to decorate her house. Michelle goes with Linda to her house. This is concerning and Linda has a HAMMER, no, a mallet giant hammer hanging on her wall. Linda wants to make drinks for her and Michelle, she used to be a bartender. Michelle takes a bathroom break to figure out how to get out of this predicament she got herself into.

Day drinking isn’t going too well. This is a fascinating movie because there are people who maybe just want a friend or someone to talk to and (They watch a movie and its Girls Just Want to Have Fun) they may not always go about it in the best ways. But, I digress, this isn’t therapy, it’s a movie review. Linda took the house decorating to the next level and Michelle tried to leave and it didn’t go well.

Michelle is locked up now in Linda’s house. This is scary in so many ways. The split scene was fascinating to see the conversation with a trapped Michelle and Linda. The escape moments are always sort of timed wrong, a person never waits long enough to escape. Linda wants to talk because no one talks anymore. (Texting does become mundane after a while. Call somebody.) Linda offers Michelle a way out. Linda wants to PLAY a GAME, not Jigsaw’s type of game but, this is interesting.

Michelle finally starts talking to Linda. Genuinely talking to her, not the forced conversation. Everything happening in this house and none of the neighbors hear anything. Poor Alex Essoe and Linda turning into Jack Nicholson. Whoever picked the songs and music, you did a good job. Michelle’s panic attack is giving me a panic attack. You CAN FEEL THAT!

The bathroom scene was making me nervous. We meet Robert (Kris Siddiqi) and Linda has a moment. This movie is insane and I love it! This was like Sixteen Candles meets The Shining in such a great way.

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