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Unexplained Confidential: Meaning of Life

The meaning of life and where it all began has been a debate between science and religion throughout the centuries. Some of you may believe that one man named Adam and one female named Eve spawn what is now the Earth’s human population.

There are others who believe in Evolution where a long, long time ago man derived from more primitive Neanderthals. We got here somehow, right? They say that we only use a small percentage of our brain. Why is that? I’m curious, has it always been that way.

It seems that the farther back in history that you go, you will find that people where capable of many amazing things. Things that you just don’t hear about in this day and age. Nostradamus wrote quatrains that predicted events throughout history and perhaps up until the end of the world? This man had the paranormal abilities beyond any modern psychic.

He most certainly must have used a greater percentage of his brain than most in today’s society. Most of us are busy using our minds to question the unexplained instead of learning from it.

Jesus Christ was another man with extraordinary abilities that can only be labeled as supernatural. Here is a man who could heel others and in the end demonstrated the greatest heeling power of them all, he was able to find a way to rise from the dead. If we go back to a time before history books and before the Holy Bible, maybe our oldest ancestors could use 100% of there mind’s capability.

Maybe the oldest ancestors that we have are not from Adam & Even, and are not from Cavemen, but perhaps the oldest ancestors of them all are Alien life. I question with an open mind the possibility that Alien’s have been here all along and we, the people, are descendents from a greater race from another planet, another galaxy? You need only look and see what we are doing to our planet and doing to ourselves, killing who we are and where we live. These are not actions of a society that is getting smarter or evolving intelligently. There are the actions of a dyeing breed that can smell there own extinction. We are labeled as human’s but really how human are we?

Are we, in fact, the same “humans” who had the ingenuity to build Pyramids without the help of any modern machinery? We are a watered down version of those before us who did great things. The possibility is… in the beginning of time, Aliens came to this planet to breed and start a new coloney. Now, somehow and somewhere through the ages, these Aliens degressed into Humans, keeping most of there phyical senses and losing most of there mental abilities. I don’t know why this happened.

It most likely didn’t happen overnight. I’m certain that it was gradural and little by little things like Telepathy and ESP weakened and faded away. These “paranormal” abilities sometime show up today in people as a distant memory of what used to be normal. This might be a hard concept for some people to grasp but all I ask is that you read this with an open mind.

In 2008, we heard from New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society and Blue Moon Ghost Hunters about the possibility ghosts, gouls, and things that go bump in the night. Then we took things up a notch and talked with NJ Devil Hunters and Ghost Hunters Inc. about not only ghosts but things like The Jersey Devil and Bigfoot. Now, 2009 has endless possibilities as Unexplained Confidential will stride to learn more about the after life as well as life beyond our own, with UFO’s and Aliens. It’s going to be exciting!

Later FN Later,

Mike Joy



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