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New Teaser Trailer: ‘The Find’

New Teaser Trailer:


Here is the official teaser trailer for the new horror film, ‘THE FIND’ which certainly offers a mysterious and eerie glimpse into this new project from Shadow | Vale Productions.  It stars Chelsea Vale, Vinny Marseglia, Travis “Flip” Gordon and Blaise Serra. Actors Brittany Toczko, Kara Curnane Joseph, and Chris Whitcomb also appear in the trailer.


Pro Wrestling’s Ring Of Honor star, “The Horror King” Vinny Marseglia plays the intimidating ‘Damon’ stalker character

‘THE FIND’ derives from a unique script by Eric Weinstock (Blood Circus, A Dangerous Date). It is directed by Daniel C. Dahlstrom (Pinwheel). It is produced by Chelsea Vale (Mostly Ghostly, Blood Circus) who also plays Adrianna in the film. Long time horror producer David Gere (Almost Mercy, Black Wake, Blood Circus) is also partnered on the project with Vale. Douglas Cartelli, Leo Kharin, David Brooks, Neal Freedman, Min Kim, Laurence Tamkin, and Thomas O’Rourke serve as Executive Producers.

‘The Shadow Wolves’ lurk on set in between takes

‘THE FIND’ follows a group of college kids as they spend a night partying at an old, eerie manor, only to realize that a terrifying stalker is watching their every move as he begins plans to repossess an ancient Native American artifact located inside.

Screenwriter Eric Weinstock states that he set out to craft something unique. “Unlike most horror films, ‘THE FIND’ is a nuanced tale, with multiple layers that give real depth to the story. While we obviously can’t feel too much empathy for the killer, we appreciate what motivates him.”

Chelsea Vale ‘Adrianna’ and Travis “Flip” Gordon as ‘Eddie’ prepare for a scene

Chelsea Vale worked tirelessly on both sides of the camera to deliver a dynamic scope the the film. “There are many original elements to the story that play out intensely. Adrianna is a strong female character, that not only finds herself uncovering supernatural elements around her, but also begins to recognize how her own story plays into the psychology of the masked stalker. Production was challenging on both sides of the camera, as the aim was to have hyper realistic aspects that are scary, but feel like they could absolutely happen.”

Director Daniel C. Dahlstrom, “Everything in this film is interconnected. The result is evil and methodical pacing by ‘Damon’, that certainly creates a specific darkness and an allure about his character.”

Marseglia as ‘Damon’ on set

Actor/Wrestler Vinny Marseglia, “Playing ‘Damon’ was a dream come true for me. I grew up on horror films, and in pro wrestling I’ve become known as ‘The Horror King’, so it made a lot of sense early on to cultivate the character’s identity through that window. Although being in a movie was very new to me, I felt like performing as the character was not. His mannerisms are very similar to what I do in the ring. I feel that I was able to bring a raw physicality that defines ‘Damon’.”

Executive Producer Douglas Cartelli was drawn to the feel of the film from the onset. “When I took a look at the young and exciting cast, the grand mansion location, spectral New England backdrops, and of course the villain of the film, I knew that this film had remarkable elements.”

For David Gere, going into the production with a plan for ‘Damon’ was paramount. “Having a memorable villain was so important. I knew Vinny would nail the physical characteristics, but we needed a mask. I had a vision of where this needed to go, and was put in touch with a skilled mask maker named William Rockwell. I wanted distinct aspects that would translate some of the backstory, but also immediately create a sense of fear. We went back and forth on early sketches, and he ended up fabricating what is now the ‘Damon Mask.’ It’s bold, haunting and frightening. At that point we all knew exactly what it was that these college kids were running from.

Cinematographer Ryan Sweeney, Director Daniel C. Dahlstrom, Producer David Gere and actor Travis “Flip” Gordon watch playback on set


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Sweeney Photography:

photo credit for all the photos:
Joshua Raboin / Sweeney Photography

‘THE FIND’ directed by Daniel C. Dahlstrom with cinematography by Ryan Sweeney, will release late winter 2019 and is being repped by Joshua Carpenter of Green Apple Entertainment.

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