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Film Review: Lo-Fi Gorgon (2016)



short horror piece about madness and revenge.


Another short film for you, kiddies! Today we have LO FI GORGON from Independant Showgirl Films. The film was written and directed by Zane Smith and stars Jessica Heltz.

I couldn’t find much information about the film, the filmmaker, or the actor. I did find a page concerning the production company which described it as the “home for the classy-trashy films of Zane Miller”.

This is an odd film, and a bit bizarre to say the least. But basically, from my viewing, it seems to be a supernatural indictment of the Catholic abuse scandal. Ms. Heltz is a nun who seems to be something more, seeking revenge for the atrocities committed by rogue priests who have not been duly punished.


The title is appropiate in that the film is, indeed, “lo-fi”. which is fine. Honestly, the gritty, black and white look of the film gives it another level of creepy.

It’s dark and scary and really good. Some amazing make up effects and camera work. Honestly, I’m not sure how to describe this film, but I will say it’s worth a look.

So using my special short scale of one to five, five being awesome, I’m giving this film 3 rosaries.


  1. Hi Rio, I am Zane Smith, the director of Lo-Fi Gorgon. Just wanted to thank you for the kind words about my film. I am not sure where you got the name Zane “Miller” but hey I appreciate the review regardless. I have just finished a new short film entitled Blue Hell about the cycle of birth and death from a Zen Buddhist perspective wrapped up in the container of a horror film. If you would like send me your email and I can send you a link to see the film. Again, thanks for the great review of Lo Fi Gorgon. Sweet Dreams…Zane

  2. oh wow! I’m so sorry about the mix up. I don’t know how that happened. As you can see, fixed.


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