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Film Review: Moth (2016)

SYNOPSIS: A teacher and her student travel to the European countryside to investigate 22 recent Mothman sighting reports, but what begins as an attempt to stop a catastrophe becomes a nightmarish fight for survival. REVIEW: Following on from their 2014 effort Bodom, Hungarian directors Gergö Elekes and József Gallai return to the found footage well. Whereas Bodom saw the horrors …

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Film Review: Bodom (2014)

SYNOPSIS: For the 50th anniversary of the Lake Bodom murders, two media students obsessed with the case launch a journalistic investigation. The footage they have left behind only raises new questions. REVIEW: In 1960s Finland whilst camping at Lake Bodom, four teenagers were attacked in the early morning. Only one of them, Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson, would survive, growing up to …

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