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Justin Passick

Justin Passick lives in the frozen wastes of Michigan where he spends his time enamored with all forms of pop-culture. When not writing he has been known as a handyman, security guard, cable access TV Personality, lawn care specialist, and he once observed a ninja urinating in a public park. His opinions on anything and everything can be found on cosmicsparky.blogspot.com

Horror Films That Never Got Made

For all the glitz and glamour on display, the film industry isn’t all that different from the average person. They cling to foolish notions, develop bad habits, and leave more than a few goals unaccomplished. Regardless of the amount of stories there are detailing the successful journey from script to screen, there are just as many projects that are arbitrarily …

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Best and Worst Horror Films of 2018

It’s Oscar season once again. That special time of year when Hollywood pats itself on the back for producing countless drab and forgettable dramas while offering breadcrumbs to far more interesting fare that doesn’t match up with whatever message they want to communicate. Unique cinema if often overlooked by the academy and no genre has suffered that treatment as much …

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Film Review: 1920 (2008)

SYNOPSIS: A young architect and his bride are sent to an old mansion to plan its deconstruction. Mysterious forces soon take an interest in the young woman and a local priest may be the couples’ only hope. REVIEW: For many movie fans, even those who explore foreign cinema, the Indian film industry can seem unapproachable. Most of us know of …

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