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Anthony Calvitti

Anthony Calvitti has been a horror fan since early childhood, spending his Saturday afternoons watching old Hammer and Amicus movies on television. Anthony is a musician and has released two hard rock albums with his band, Alchemy. He also is a producer of independent horror shorts and films. Some of his upcoming projects include, "As They Continue to Fall" with the writer, C. Robert Cargill (Sinister) and "Kiss the Devil in the Dark" starring actor Doug Jones.

In Search of (TV Series)

A talented actor, writer, and director, Leonard Nimoy wore many hats during his long and prosperous Hollywood career. As well as a pair of pointy ears as Spock in Star Trek. But with his recent death, I am most fascinated by his stint as host, narrator, and even occasional writer of the television series “In Search of” that originally aired from …

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