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Interview: The Vicious Brothers (Extraterrestrial)

Vicious-Brothers-Interview-(2)The Vicious Brothers brand new film EXTRATERRESTRIAL was released on blu-ray and DVD on May 12th. The talented film makers took some time to speak with HorrorNews.Net about their film. Colin Minihan and Stuart make up The Vicious Brothers. Their new film EXTRATERRESTRIAL stars: Brittany Allen, Michael Ironside, Freddie Stroma, Melanie Papalia and Jesse Moss. It is available on blu-ray and DVD.

What was the most challenging aspect of the film?

Stuart /Colin – On a technical level what we were trying to do with the budget we had which was three million was pretty insane and ambitious. The movie serves as kind of a smaller THE CABIN IN THE WOODS type of horror film. By the end of the movie without giving away any spoilers you end up on a mothership in outer space and the scope of it is huge. It was technically trying to make our days on our very short schedule which was about twenty two days. It is always about time and money and we wanted to make it to the finish line. Everything was really difficult to be honest.

How did you come up with the right amount of Horror and extraterrestrial type of vibe?

Stuart/Colin – We edited both of the trailers. We wanted to make a film that started out as a CABIN IN THE WOODS horror movie and we had written it when there wasn’t a lot of CABIN IN THE WOODS horror movies and there has been a huge influx ever since the movie THE CABIN IN THE WOODS and several Eli Roth movies. We wanted to make a small CABIN IN THE WOODS horror film as a set up and then throw that away, flip it on its head and turn it into a bigger science fiction film by the end.

How did you decide on the cast?

Stuart/Colin – We let talent speak for itself and picked the people that were best for their roles.

Vicious-Brothers-Interview-(4) Vicious-Brothers-Interview-(3)

Could you both share something about your next project?

Stuart/Colin- We are actively now in the script writing stage of GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 3 which will be the final installment of the GRAVE ENCOUNTERS trilogy and not to give too much away but it is set in 1948 and it’s called GRAVE ENCOUNTERSS: THE BEGINNING. It is set in the hospital that was abandoned in the first two films and now it is totally active.

What advice would the two of you give to future writers/directors?

Stuart/Colin- I would say just keep making stuff and the only way you are going to get noticed if you continue to make stuff all the time. Don’t get deterred if you get rejected from film festivals. Content is king, the more you can make the better chance you have of getting recognized and noticed. No one is going to help you out or tell you that you can a movie, you kind have to just take that on yourself. When we made our first film GRAVE ENCOUNTERS, we invested some of our own money into it and then we were able to get a small investor but basically we really had to just do it ourselves.










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