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A new show preparing to debut over on the CHILLER cable channel looks to bring a little real life terror to things. Titled KILLER LEGENDS the show will follow a team of investigative documentary film makers as they delve into urban legends and the real life crimes that they inspired. Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills are our intrepid investigators who look deep inside four famous legends in this two hour special which will air on Sunday March 16th at 8 PM. Here’s the four urban legends that will get the spotlight shined on them:

The Candyman: The film takes viewers to Houston, Texas, to explore the legend of tainted candy that strikes fear in parents every Halloween. Though the legend is prolific, in actuality there is only one documented case of a child dying from tainted candy: 8-year-old Timothy O’Bryan. Timothy was poisoned on Halloween by a real-life miscreant who used the legend to hide his crime, earning him the nickname “The Candyman.”

The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs: As the legend goes, a babysitter tormented by a twisted caller learns that the sadistic calls are coming from inside the house. While the babysitter has become the go-to victim in so many of our horror films, does the same hold true in real life? Tragically, the answer is yes…as our filmmakers discover in the unsolved case of Janett Christman, a babysitter who was slain in Columbia, Missouri, in 1950.

The Hookman: The filmmakers investigate the “Moonlight Murders” of Texarkana that some believe sparked “The Hook” urban legend of the 1950’s and 60’s. Based upon the legend of two teens lovers terrorized by a madman with a hook for a hand, we will investigate this real life case of a killer known as “The Phantom,” who in 1946 attacked five couples parked on lovers’ lanes. This unsolved crime has created its own unique urban legend in Texarkana, perpetuated by a town that refuses to forget.

The Killer Clown: In Chicago, the filmmakers investigate the “phantom clown” scares that have been spontaneously occurring since the 1980s. In cities across the globe, clowns have been spotted in vans trying to snatch children. Is this just a case of hysteria, manifested by fears of coulrophobia (the fear of clowns), or is there something much more serious at work? As we explore Chicago’s creepy clown past, from John Wayne Gacy to Bozo, we attempt to answer the question of how clowns became so evil and why they continue to haunt our nightmares.

Not going to lie, I’m intrigued. Set the DVR now so you don’t forget!


Source: Dread Central

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  1. I watched this documentary and I found this quite interesting. However, I had found that there are other urban legends that involve a homicidal maniac in these stories such as the killer in the backseat, the good samaritan,(also known as “another close call at the mall”), the foiled abduction, the hairy armed hitchhiker, the killer in the window, the “aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?” tale, the “humans can lick, too” story, and the bunnyman. I’m wondering…are any truths behind these urban legends? Or are they just rumors?


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