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Unexplained Confidential: Do You Believe ?

Today, we ask the question… Do you believe?   We have asked this same question to a number of celebrities throughout different interviews conducted here at HorrorNews.net!  This is a collection of answers to the question, Do you believe in…. things like ghosts and ghouls and paranormal activity, and just those things that go bump in the night.

Read everyone’s answer and then ask yourself, DO YOU BELIEVE?


Do you believe ?

Without question. And I’ll go you one further. I believe in demons. I also believe in angels, but the demonic forces are there and they are real and if you give them a home inside you they’ll destroy you. The people I play a lot of the times are the ones who gave in. And they always pay for it…eventually.


Do you believe ?

That’s a really good question. I believe in the possibility. I’m the type of person who will always try to find a logical reason for a strange occurrence. That can make it fun though because if you’re a skeptic and there really is something out there it’s like playing a cat and mouse game with the unknown. I’m completely open to the possibility I just don’t think I can believe it until I have a paranormal experience for myself.


Do you believe ?

Of corpse! My apartment, or should I say Crypt, is haunted by the ghost of a lady who was hung in one of the closets. I’m not sure if it was suicide or murder, but she whispers to me in the dark. She also likes to play pranks on visitors by moving their things when they aren’t looking, or making them trip over objects that aren’t there. Her and I play Ouija board together on particularly dreary nights.


Do you believe ?

Yes and no. Yes to ghosts in general, haunted spaces, and whatnot. No to malicious goblins and vampires and werewolves. When I did the episode of A Haunting for the Discovery Channel, the story was so elaborate and demonic, that I couldn’t quite believe it. Or maybe that’s just the squeamish part of me not wanting to believe in the more evil, creepy kinds of paranormal stuff because if I did, I would never sleep again. Ever.


Do you believe ?

Oh Yes! Absolutely! I grew up in a haunted house which I still live in. It comes out usually after midnight. It doesn’t like you being loud. It would knock on walls and also this door knocker we had on the middle bedroom door. It hangs out mostly in the hallway and middle bedroom. It turned the bathroom doorknob on me when I was younger. It pulled on the bottom on my mom’s nightgown. We think it’s a child. The middle bedroom is now my son’s room. We will hear his toys go off…even when he is not here. And hear a childs laugh or giggle…and it’s not my son. Sometimes he is not here and I hear the sounds and think it might be him until I realize it cannot be my son. I have also seem my old dog that passed away walk into my room. And one night I went to the kitchen and heard my name called out loud Clear As Day! I was a ghost hunter for Shadowz Paranormal who are a family member of T.A.P.S. but didn’t do it too long. It was awesome but a lot of places started being out of town and I had to work and stuff.


 Do you believe ?

I am a very very rational person – but yes, I do actually. I had two creepy things happen to me that I can’t really explain. I am originally from Serbia, and they still have the habit over there that when a person dies they have to cover all the mirrors in the room and cover them up with black cloth right away that moment so the dead can’t reach for you. I didn’t know that before and when my grandmother died I was in another room and saw this black shadow passing in the reflection…


Do you believe ?

Yes and yes, I live in New Orleans, we are visited weekly by ghosts, animals can really see them better than we can. I think it would be really weird to think that we were the only people in this entire galaxy, I think it’s pretty much impossible.


Do you believe ?

The universe is much too large and too many unanswered questions thru the histories of time to not believe in the paranormal. Rumors of ghosts, paranormal activity and mythological beasts have been around since the beginning of man in many various and diverse cultures to disregard the possible existence of such anomalies that cannot be answered. Proof may not be out there to prove all of this has occurred but at the same time there is no proof to show all of this has not occurred. As the X-Files has famously stated, the truth is out there. Believe!

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