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Ninety – A movie with ninety kills in ninety minutes.

Darren Bousman (Repo! The Genetic Opera) is in pre-production on a 3D film that has murders galore. You read that title right in that he is setting it up to be ninety kills in ninety minutes. Unfortunately since April this is all the information that has been available. That changes today because we were given more.

According to Devin at CHUD: “The concept is delightfully simple: 90 kills in a 90 minute movie. It’s not real-time, but the kills will still be coming fast and furious. The killer is a man who was wrongfully convicted and spent time in jail; when he gets out he decides to get revenge on the hot sh*t detective who put him in the slammer by killing one person for each of the detective’s convictions. You have to have a way of keeping track of the kills, so at one point the murderer will come into possession of one of those clickers that bouncers use to count how many people have come in the door. With each murder he’ll click one down. There will be a couple of mass kills – you have to, otherwise there’s no way you could fit the whole thing into 90 minutes – but there will be plenty of standalone goodness as well. From what I understand this is going to be a gleeful splatter romp, and while I don’t want to ruin any of the kills, at least one of them sounds stomach-churning and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The movie will be rated R, but I’ve been led to believe that 90 will be shot with an eye towards a harder, unrated DVD release.”

WOW! Okay so if that doesn’t at least piqué your interest then I would like to know what does. Seriously, this sounds like a fun gory, murderous rampage. This should be very cool and I am eagerly waiting for this movie to be made.

Source: dreadcentral.com

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