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Izzo Announces ‘Infected’ as Latest Zombie Thriller Novel

Buffalo, NY – Author Anthony Izzo announces the release of his latest novel, Infected. The first book in the planned Dead Land Trilogy, Infected is the story of a small town invaded by the undead. In one frantic night, Sheriff Emma Ross must lead a band of survivors against a growing horde of zombies. From the Amazon book description:

Part one of the terrifying Dead Land Trilogy begins. It looked like a flu. Until the first patient woke up. Violent. Hungry for flesh and blood. People in the small town of Anderson are saying the military let loose a bioweapon. Soon the hospital and town will be overrun with the undead.

Emma Ross is the sheriff in Anderson. She will lead a band of townspeople in a desperate fight to survive against the horde of newly risen that threaten to overtake the town. And spread the Infection.

An action-packed novel from the author of Evil Harvest and The Hollow.

Izzo is at work on the second book in the trilogy, Plague, which will deal with the spread of the zombie hordes. “I wanted to write something action-packed from start to finish. I hope I’ve succeeded with Infected,” Izzo says. “If all goes well, the second book should be out Summer 2012, and the third this Winter.”

Infected is Izzo’s sixth novel. Previous releases include The Dark Ones (Kensington Books) and The Hollow (Kindle). Infected is available for Amazon Kindle. Purchase it here http://amzn.to/GRawxl

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