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Vamps: Dai Green


Dai has been featured in multiple articles and interviews throughout different horror websites and magazines such as BrutalAsHell.com, LastDoorwayProductions.com, Autoeroticasphyxium Metal Magazine, etc.
Model for various bands, artists, clothing lines

Has appeared in The Chainsaw Sally Show, Suzi Lorraine’s Gorezone Short Film Series, and is slated to appear in many more films to come.
Experienced Voice Over Actress
Former staff writer for Pretty-Scary.net
Former runway model for various hair and clothing companies
Former hair model for Scruples Hair Care line

Dai Green got her start in the horror industry in 2008 after joining the Pretty-Scary.net staff under Heidi Martinuzzi. She quickly picked up a writing job with HorrorNews.net in September 2008 and became the managing editor shortly thereafter. She became a featured journalist in Reyna Young’s WOMEN IN HORROR documentary and since then has gone on to sign onto more films such as IT’S GROUNDHOG’S DAY, CHAINSAW SALLY and stars along side of Suzi Lorranine in her GOREZONE SHORT FILM. She currently is the host of HorrorNews.net‘s PODCAST FROM HELL and THE GASH and continues to work in the industry with some of the horror business’ best known. With the reputation of being one of the hottest women to hit the genre in years, you can normally find her with a million things to do and a million things accomplished.

Dai Green - Horror Vamp - 6Dai Green - Horror Vamp - 5Dai Green - Horror Vamp - 4Dai Green - Horror Vamp - 3Dai Green - Horror Vamp - 2Dai Green - Horror Vamp - 1

Dai Green Horror Mistress HorrorNews.net - 1Dai Green Horror Mistress HorrorNews.net - 2Dai Green Horror Mistress HorrorNews.net - 3Dai Green Horror Mistress HorrorNews.net - 4

Dai Green – Actress | Scream Queen | Horror Vamp | Radio Host and Model | HorrorNews.net

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