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‘Hipster Holocaust’ William Burgess pulls all the stops with grand promotion efforts

THE PLOT: When two strange dudes are kicked out of a mansion party, they take revenge on their hipster hosts with a roll of duct tape and a switchblade. Featuring Damon Packard as “Mushy”


BACKGROUND: About two years ago, Hipster Holocaust Director William Burgess’ life was in shambles. He lost his job, got dumped on his birthday and his mom had a heart attack. At the time he was living in a hip Los Angeles neighborhood surrounded by over- privileged white kids who would rather act cool in the corner than expose their heart. Hipster Holocaust was his reaction.

HIPSTER HOLOCAUST is a feature-length horror film by William Burgess.

He took out a loan for $3000 against his car, enlisted his closest friends as cast and crew and after two months of rehearsal, six weekends of shooting and over a year of editing, color and sound work, the film is finally finished.

He has been screening film clips and throwing parties around Los Angeles as a ‘public awareness campaign’ about his film, including hosting an event at Santa Monica’s Highways involving a seven room interactiv e horror adventure integrating scenes from Hipster Holocaust re-enacted by the antagonists from the film.

The director is offering exclusive interviews and film stills to journalists interested in Hipster Holocaust and the journey he took to get there.


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