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It’s about Due Time for a HIPSTER HOLOCAUST

Licensed distributor of shorts by renegade filmmakers such as Damon Packard (Reflections of Evil) and Rodney Ascher (Room 237), The Druid Underground Film Festival is proud to distribute their first feature film: HIPSTER HOLOCAUST. Hipster Holocaust is a “Dark… Visceral… impressive film” (Horrornews.net) that plunges you into “all the hipster carnage a boy could ask for” (Pet Gorilla) as two …

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‘Hipster Holocaust’ William Burgess pulls all the stops with grand promotion efforts

THE PLOT: When two strange dudes are kicked out of a mansion party, they take revenge on their hipster hosts with a roll of duct tape and a switchblade. Featuring Damon Packard as “Mushy” [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/28865470[/vimeo] BACKGROUND: About two years ago, Hipster Holocaust Director William Burgess’ life was in shambles. He lost his job, got dumped on his birthday and his …

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