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Book Review: Dead Of Winter – Author Brian Moreland

Dead Of Winter by Brian Moreland
(Samhain Publishing)

A predator stalks the frozen woods.

At a fort deep in the Ontario wilderness in 1870, a ghastly predator is attacking colonists and spreading a gruesome plague—his victims turn into ravenous cannibals with an unending hunger for human flesh. Inspector Tom Hatcher has faced a madman before, when he tracked down Montreal’s infamous Cannery Cannibal. But can even he stop the slaughter this time?

In Montreal exorcist Father Xavier visits an asylum where the Cannery Cannibal is imprisoned. But the killer who murdered thirteen women is more than just a madman who craves human meat. He is possessed by a shape-shifting demon. Inspector Hatcher and Father Xavier must unravel a mystery that has spanned centuries and confront a predator that has turned the frozen woods into a killing ground where evil has come to feed.

Brian Moreland writes books that combine real history with supernatural horror and mystery. “Dead Of Winter” is an impressive testament to what he does.

It is a spine tingling, riveting tale with a complex cast of characters that breathes new life into the term “historical fiction”. It is grand in scope, oozes atmosphere and will scare the living hell out of you.

Mr. Moreland combines the best of what I love about horror fiction, impeccable prose, characters with a life-like depth, fantastic monsters and a palpable sense of dread that seemingly lunges off the pages and grabs you by the throat.

It has blood, exorcisms, demons, a serial killer, cannibalism and frights galore. C’mon how can you not love a book like this.

I wholeheartedly suggest you surf on over to Samhain Publishing and pick up “Dead Of Winter”, it will most assuredly put you in the Halloween spirit. I highly recommend it.

Dead Of Winter – Author Brian Moreland

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