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Scream Is Back. What Could Return Next?

So Scream 4 is here and we are once again in a world where Ghostface is asking people what their favourite scary movie is. Yeah, it’s a sequel, but it’s wonderful that the series didn’t go down the reboot/remake route. Surely there are other franchises out there that are due another sequel? And let’s be serious, no DVD sequels. As much as I enjoy cheap DVD sequels, they rarely do the source movies justice. So, what’s ripe for a big-screen follow-up? Thinking of titles that haven’t already been remade/re-imagined/rebooted/screwed up wasn’t easy (which is a whole other point to make), but here are a few examples.

The Liam Neeson starring, Sam Raimi directed 1990 original is an underrated gem that deserves a better legacy than the direct-to-video sequels that followed it. The demented visual style of its sci-fi/horror/superhero concept was wonderful, and Raimi and Neeson ensured that the end product was of a high quality. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a damn sight better than a lot of stuff around at the time, as well as a lot of material out there now. Its status as a cult film along with the classic nature of the concept (itself an homage to the classic Universal Monsters) is too good to allow to fade away.

Granted, any sequel to this eighties fantasy classic more than likely wouldn’t feature either Tom Cruise or Tim Curry reprising their roles, but a new, high fantasy/horror story set in the same universe would be an amazing experience now. Current technology would enable the film to have a larger scale while still being relatively small-scale to shoot. While Legend was complete in itself, the universe it was set in and its visual ideas offer enough scope for another story. Plus, with brand recognition

For a long time there has been talk of a third Gremlins movie, but nothing beyond the British Telecom ads on UK TV screens, nothing new featuring Gizmo, Stripe and the rest of the animatronic gang has been forthcoming. Plus, with the current wave of eighties nostalgia that has overcome so much of popular culture of late, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. The thing is, a new Gremlins film would be a much better prospect now if the creatures were still realized with animatronics and puppetry rather than CG, at least for the most part. The time is right for more fun involving getting furry things wet. Hmm. That sounds wrong.

The title alone should be enough reason for another attempt at an alien invasion by super-powered clowns, but if the B-movie kitsch of the original was maintained, along with keeping tongue firmly in cheek, a hit could be more than possible. It would also give rise to an awesome array of merchandising possibilities for the studio involved. Really though, I just wanna see some dumbass get his head punched off by an alien clown. Life is meant for such pleasures, after all.

What would you guys like to see continue on the big screen?

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