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Delamorte’s Dungeon: 1st Edition – Horror News Updates

Well hello there Fiend Club! I’m baaack! Hellish New Year to you all. . oh man. . I am so happy to be back at Horrornews. I have always been loyal to this site as well as the great editors and staff that bring the pain! Whoo! Alright, so welcome to the premiere of my very own column, Delamorte’s Dungeon! How cool is this? Such an honor. . I must tell you. I will of course be bringing you the same rockin’ attitude from my work at Horror Talk. . which Travis Legge is doing an incredible job on by the way! I could not imagine a more talented replacement. And that’s the cold truth. . as cold as a cadaver. . mmwwhahaha! So I have tons of terror in store for you this year. . and January is no exception to the rule. So what do you say? Let’s get down once again to some horror business, shall we?

First up we have new releases! Are you searching for some wicked entertainment to warm your blood during this chilly winter months? Well look no further because there is plenty of sin in store!

If you do not know about Chainsaw Sally. . well then you absolutely need to before she kills you! Just released is the entire series of Chainsaw Sally:Season One! And it is sooo good! The story follows Sally played by the awesome and highly talented April Monique Burril! By day, a quiet librarian. . by night, she is a super sexy killing machine. The season is directed by the East Coast visionary, Jimmyo Burril and the gore effects are brought to you by the naughty minx Nurse Hatchet and her horror hubby D-Day Madcox! This DVD features the entire season and also horrifying hour long episode, Groundhog Day, featuring my horror Yoda, Dai Green! Haha! But seriously, the best part is. . well there’s alot of parts. . all over the place. But seriously, the best part is that once again the East Coast is showing their horro chops. . and in awesome fashion! You can see for yourself what we are bringin’ because Chainsaw Sally:Season One from Forbidden Pictures and Troma Entertainment is out as we speak!

Steven Mera’s prequel to the super killer cult classic Malevolence will be terrorizing theaters very soon! The film involves a child who is abducted and raised by a psychotic madman named Graham Sutter. . who incidentally adorns a cattle skull mask. . a nod to Gozu for any Miike monsters out there! And. . the film is once again based in my state. . oh yeah! Keep representing’ horror Pennsylvania! The film starring my childhood hero and friend Michael Biehn has been described as an eoic story in the vein of The Shining where the original was more a slasher like Halloween or Friday The 13th. . so amazing! I cannot wait for this one! Witness the death of innocence when Bereavement from Crimson Films goes into limited release on February 28th! And lastly, great news for Debbie Rochon fans like myself! Let me just say first off. . if you have not had any interest in Walking Distance. . please get your hands on one of the Best Of 2010! The paranormal gorefest starring one of my favorite legendary “survival girls”, Miss Adrienne King and my all-time favorite punk rock B movie gore goddess, Debbie Rochon has undergone a name change, and has been picked up by Lion’s Gate. The film is now called Psychic Experiment. . but do not get that confused with Paranormal Activity 2. These film are not even on the same planet as each other. . one doesn’t suck! Be sure to pick up this gory gem when it haunts your mind from Lion’s Gate sometime this year

Searching for some sinister storylines in art form?  Well, I have some new comic carnage to bring to your attention!

First is what I would call the coolest mash-up I have heard of so far this year! Hack/Slash’s sexy and violent Cassie Hack will team up with the girls of one of the best underground horror comics out there, Cheerleaders Vs.  Zombies! The story unfolds when Cassie and Vlad head to a Washington State high school when several students end up missing. Carnal pleasures and chaos ensue when Cass joins the cheerleading squad and Vlad. . well he gets recruited by the football team. Hmm, I would absolutely hate to be the opposing side! So why are the teens missing you ask? By the title I would guess zombies. . but then again. . who really knows. We can find out together when Hack/Slash Meets Cheerleaders Vs.  Zombies #1 stalks classroom halls later this winter from Moonstone Comics!

Look out for one of the more promising zombe inspired comics this year!Mark Kidwell(creator of Bump)and Jay Fotos'(creator of The Nail)bring you ’68!The story revolves around a zombie outbreak that occurs in..say it with me now..1968!Woa..could you imagine it?Woodstock would have been nothing but a buffet..unlessthe undead are repelled by the smell of patchouli..haha!Check out ’68 when it slowly grooves onto comic shelves from Image Comics on April 20th!

Last but certainly not least,onto some comic news that I absolutely love!After countless months of promotion and teaserss,The Walking Dead #80 has finally been unleashed upon the world!Rejoice!The landmark issue is a two-parter and promises to have action galore and tons of undead chaos!But..it also looks like one of the main characters is slated for death.I hope it’s not Andrea..she rocks my world!What a badass chick!You can pick up a historic moment in the best comic ever written also from Image Comics now!

Okay..so usually I have music here.here is the problem..music sucks nowadays!You may be able to help me in my quest to find something kickass out there!If you yourself are part of or have knowledge of any righteous new punk,rockabilly,psychobilly,or metal bands that are inspired by the genre..please send the information my way so that we can begin a kickass music portion!Send that info to my email which is PUNKTERROR666@YAHOO.COM.. and believe me..you will receive an honorable mention for your trouble.I hope to hear about some killer macabre music..thanks Maniacs! Alright,onto the lewd literature!Looking for something to grab hold of your imagination..and snap its puny little neck?Well,I have the most horrific tales for you to check out in the beginning of Winter and beyond! 

Remember my favorite for the entire column? Well, it’s back! So much cooler and less gay than the Oprah Book Of The Month Club. . The Delamorte Deadly Delight is Whargoul Dave Brockie who we all know and love as GWAR’s Oderus Urungus has released his first book!  The story. . which Brockie has been working on since the late nineties and had to rewrite from memory when he lost the original manuscript tells the tale of an undying creature that feeds on the carnage of war! You had me at hello there, Dave. Read the rantings of the spacelord when you check out the book available on Amazon right this very moment! 

For people that crave a bit of hardcore visions in their diet there is Shane McKenzie’s RUTHLESS! This sick horror anthology is absolutely gruesome but extremely well written. . and takes absolutely no prisoners. . okay,well maybe quite a few! Check out some Serbian style storytelling hen you grab Ruthless by Pill Hill right now!

How many of you are Exorcist fans out there? Wow! You all raised your hands at once! Well,be excited once again because the author that brought Regan McNeill to literary life unleashes his latest very soon! William Peter Blatty’s story is called Legion and involves a young boy horribly murdered in a mock crucifixion. Is this getting your attention yet? The list of suspects include an elderly woman who witnessed the atrocious crime,a mental patient locked in silent isolation. . okay. . good so far. . and also a psychiatrist with a dark sense of humor and a guilty secret. If that is not enough,the answers are revealed in a climax so stunning. . well. . it’s supposed to be pretty horrifying! Be sure to help follow the crimson covered clues when you grab Legion from Tor Books on February 1st!

I only have one piece of merchandise to show you. . but believe me there will be lots more schwag for your sickness! Welly. . welly. . welly. . isn’t this some joy in me gullivah! From one of my favorite films of all time,A Clockwork Orange,comes the coolest goddamn bobblehead. . EVER! Not too much to say about this one. He’s Alex. . he’s small. . and should be on the dashboard of your Durango 95 like Jesus Christ! Heehee! Bring home the ultraviolence from Amok Time now! 

And finally, some punk rock news. . mixed with a dash of lewd love. . haha! And by punk rock I mean so f*cking sweet! My brother from another mother and director Johnny Daggers has announced that his first feature ever, Caustic Zombies is about to be retooled and released in March! I’m so proud of you my friend. . so cool! Also, Mr.  Daggers has been hit by the axe of Cupid. . not that crappy Cupid from that movie I can’t remember the title of either! I would like to congratulate Johnny and his new devil doll, Shea Skidmore, on their newfound love. . may your February be a fearful one! Also, thank you for representin’ The Dungeon Podcast on The Blank Generation in Cincinatti. . I love you man! Aha!

So. . there you have it. Everything you need to start off your wicked winter! I just want to end saying that I want to thank you for all the upcoming success of the projects we have brought your way! And by we I mean myself and my lovely Demoness staff, Amy Lynes, Tammy Kauffman, Victoria Paege, Goldie Fatale, Colleen Jones, Danielle Dressell, Lily Tedesco, and Jen Graves of course! We are always a crue. . and we always roll together! You can check out our anarchic antics at Delamorte’s Dungeon Of Deadly Delights on Facebook and our evergrowing radio show, The Dungeon, on Tuesdays thru Thursdays at 11:pm eastern/8 pm pacific on BLOGTALKRADIO. COM!

The Dungeon. . your horror half hour before the midnight hour! I love you ghouls so much. . let’s make this a gruesome year together! And remember, the only thing that can impale your dreams is your own negativity. . scare ya later Fiend Club!

Sweet Nightmares and Pleasant Screams,
Your Winter Wicked One,
Rob Delamorte

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