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Unexplained Confidential – Delaware Valley Paranormal Association

Who ya gonna call? I never realized how many Paranormal Investigation groups existed before I started writing this column. The fact that some of these groups are active every single weekend completely blows me away. While the economy is wrecked, it really seems like we are in the middle of a Ghost Hunting boom.

The paranormal activity just in my area alone has got to be off the charts. This week we are talking with Nick DeCristo from Delaware Valley Paranormal Association www.delvalparanormal.org

How did you get involved with Delaware Valley Paranormal Association?

I founded the group in 2005 with a few friends because of a mutual interest in the paranormal. Back then, we just explored local urban legends and cemetaries, but over the past couple we have expanded into ghost hunting. The four main members of the organization are Christine Ferry, Steve Walters, Anthony Merlino, and myself(Nick DeCristo).

You had a table set up at MonsterMania Con, how was that experience?

This was the third time we had a table at monstermania and each time it has been a great experience.

Being a vendor at monstermania really helps us promote ourselves and raise funds for our explorations. It’s always a lot of fun at monstermania and we have met some great people.

Do you have a favorite “paranormal” based movie?

My favorite ‘paranormal’ based movie is definently the ‘Ghostbusters’. I know some paranormal investigators frown on this movie, but I think it’s great. Bill Murray is just hilarious. We are actually in the process of creating a tshirt that is based off of the ‘Ghostbusters’ logo.


I would imagine that you spend countless hours on investigations and come up empty, you rewarding to you is in when you do find legit paranormal activity?

It’s very rewarding because there are plenty of times that you don’t find anything. You definently need to have a lot of patience to go on paranormal investigations and you need to be open minded. Not every little noise or shadow is going to be evidence, but you need to at least have the believe that every noise or shadow COULD be evidence.

How often do you find solid evidence?

It varies on what you consider solid evidence. Only once did we see what we believe to be an apparition, but we have captured EVPs on a decent amount of explorations. A lot of times you are capturing so much footage and so much audio that I’m sure some things get missed in the reviewing process. Out of all the video & audio we capture, I’d say maybe 10% captured some evidence of paranormal activity.

What has been the most interesting thing that you’ve ever discovered during on of your investigations?

The apparition we saw was probably the most interesting thing we’ve ever discovered. It was at an old farm house in Chester County, PA. We were doing our investigation outside of the house when the apparition appeared at a window. It looked like a young girl who long hair. It appeared for about 3 seconds and then disappeared. It was pretty amazing to actual see something like that.

Now, everyone loves a good ghost story. Is there anything you’ve experienced that might scare are readers?

Well, the night we saw the apparition was pretty creepy. It was 2 am and the fog was so thick in spots that it made video recording impossible. The house was back off a dirt road and on the outskirts of a pretty thickly wooded area. We were all pretty creeped out to begin with because it was our first investigation outside.

You involved in job that constantly has you searching for what else is out there. Going forward in your investigations, what are looking for? What would be your ultimate discovery?

Going forward, we’ll continue to try and capture solid evidence of paranormal activity. We’ve had some good investigations, but we haven’t been able to capture anything visual on video yet. I trhink our ultimate discovery would be to capture an apparition on film and be able to prove once and for all the existance of ghosts.

It seems like “ghost hunting” has been on a upswing lately, has the failing economy effected your investigations at all?

The economy has effected us a little bit. I’ve noticed that our DVD sales are down a bit and we’ve cut back on travel. We don’t charge for any of our services, so we still get calls to do explorations.

What’s next for D.V.P.A. ?

We are in the process of working on our second DVD. It’s entitled ‘Legends & Lore Double Feature: Atco Ghost and the Downingtown Twin Tunnels”. It’s a documentary on two local ghost legends. We are a bit behind schedule with it’s release, but we hope to be able to finish it soon. We are also going to be doing an update about our first documentary,”The Truth About Cult House”, giving people an update on that legend as well.

Thanks Nick ! This group sounds like a good bunch of guys, so if you hear bumps in the night maybe give them a call. Now, I have some really cool stuff lined up in the coming weeks so keep checking back. Oh, and if you need to contact me directly I have a new email address joyhorror@horrornews.net  but if you use the old one by mistake, don’t worry because that one is still good too.

Later F’N’ Later,

Mike Joy

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