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Film Review: Play with Me (4K Horror Short filmed in Quarantine) (2020)

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More short films, kiddies! Today we have PLAY WITH ME, written and directed by Douglas A. Plomitallo.

Reed (George Walsh) is working from home, something many of us are familiar with by now. He is doing spreadsheets or something (hard to tell) in his home office for his employer. As Reed is trying to get this task completed, we hear his son Danny (played by Zachary Plomitallo) knock on the office door asking his dad to come out and play. Reed has to put him off, since this task must be completed by the end of today. Danny is clearly disappointed but walks away.

A phone call comes in from Reed’s employer, demanding new tasks be done this day as well, meaning that Reed will not be leaving this office any time soon. Danny is less than pleased, and says so.

The struggle is real for Reed, and we find out just why this is so hard for him. No spoilers of course. Perhaps you will see it coming, perhaps you won’t, but there are a few ways of interpreting the end of the film. I like that it gives the viewer a few options to consider at the conclusion rather than a straight forward answer.  At least I found there was more than one way to look at it.

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