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Book Review: Asian Cult Cinema Magazine – Issue 62

by Thomas Weissner
Publication Date: 2008
Format: Color / BW – 62 pages
Price: $6

Sporting an attractive cover featuring the 2 baddest sword fighting asian heroines to come out of over the top cinema comes Tokyo Gore Police Vs. Chanbara Beauty. In case your unfamiliar with the films , these are 2 must see action horror showcases that “have” to be seen. The article compares the 2 which operate on a similar premise but are done in 2 completely different fashions. Chanbara features high cutting action that is enhanced with digital gadgets and computer finesse to accent the shots. Tokyo Gore Police comes at you old school like a night mare out of GWAR video featuring FX driven monsters and outrageous characters that can only come out of the wild minds of those Asian filmmakers we have come to love.

Tom Piccirilli talks about his recent Korean horror film watching session. highlight include films “Old boy” “Dream” Our Town”, “Death Bell” and “Hansel & Gretel”. Done review style, he takes a look at these pics and reveals a few noted attractions to each. In addition he covers a few actions films such as “The Chaser” which I’ve yet top watch but have heard great things about myself. Other titles include “Open city” and “The Good Bad and the “Weird”. In any case Tom lays it down pretty insightful that should place a few of these on folks list to indulge in.

“Foreign Crimes” takes a look at the film “Red Cliff” though in this case it seems to fall more on a generic unfavored review towards the new epic flick. Impressions left cites that the characters as stock figures and a little too in the dark for viewers to grasp. Also it is cited as not being accessible to its target audiences. Oh, well …we’ll have to check it out for ourselves.

“Films of the 1960’s” pays tribute to some of the cheesy unmasterful masterpieces featuring odd costumed characters and bad acting. Though it also sounds like a chance to get a few new titles from the past filled with pure Asian cheese the way we like it. “Goke”, “Body Snatcher form Hell” and “War of the Insects” are a few of the titles discussed.

“Ninja Vixens”, while a bunch of hot asian chicks sporting nudity and heavy swordplay is a sure fire draw, the box set is described more or less as repetitious and boring. Each of the episodes has a short synopsis of sorts, though as the author take us thru the films you can tell he was probably hitting fast forward on most of this.

“Help Me Eros” is your Cat3 Asian p*rn film. A feature on the film and a interview with the director paint a pretty alluring picture of this odd film. His production, process and almost self confessed suicide lead up to the completion of the film which claims to mix a heavy dose of eroticism and fantasy. I think it’s presented as a pretty cool flick that I’ll most certainly give a peek for myself.

Other features include a look at the Hong Kong Sex industry. Films “Whispers and Moans” and “True Women for Sale” are reviewed. As it is commented on, the films don’t live up to there cat III category of nudity and exploitation but they do provide a dramatic background into the life of prostitution and hardship.

This issue had a nice mix of a some horror articles and erotic features. An interesting read that truly embraces the Asian film culture and diversity it brings.

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