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Second Exorcism

Believers welcome,
It’s seems only right this Holy time of year that we cast out the demons. If you refer back to my December 2nd column, I posted the First Exorcism and a modern day story of Demoniacal possession. Today, I would like to continue, so here is the Second Exorcism for your twisted entertainment.


I adjure thee, thou old serpent, by the judge of the quick and the dead, by thy maker and the maker of the world, by him who has power to send thee to hell, that thou depart quickly from the servant of God, who returns to the bosom of the Church, with fear and the affliction of thy terror. I adjure thee again, not in my infirmity, but by the virtue of the Holy Ghost, that thou depart from this servant of God, whom Almighty God hath made in his own image.

Yield therefore, yield not to me, but to the minister of Christ. For his power urges thee, who subjugated thee to his cross.

Tremble at his arm, who led the souls to light after the lamentations of hell had been subdued. May the body of man be a terror to thee, let the image of God be terrible to the. Resist not, it has pleased Christ to dwell in this body. And, although thou knowest me to be none the less a sinner, do not think me contemptible.

For it is God why commands thee.
The majesty of Christ commands thee.
God the Father commands thee.
God the Son commands thee.
God the Holy Ghost commands thee.
The sacred cross commands thee.
The faith of the holy apostles Peter and Paul and of all other saints commands thee.
The blood of the martyrs commands thee.
The constancy of the confessors commands thee.
The devout intercession of all saints commands thee.
The virtue of the mysteries of the Christian faith commands thee.


Go out, therefore, thou transgressor. Go out, thou seducer, full of all deceit and guile, enemy of virtue, persecutor of innocence. O most dire one, give place, give place, thou most impious, give place to Christ, in whom thou hast found nothing of thy works, who hath despoiled thee, who hath destroyed thy kingdom, who hath led thee captive and hath plundered thy goods, who hath cast thee into outer darkness, where for thee and thy ministers is prepared annihilation.

But thy, truculent one, dost thou withstand? Why, rash creature, dost thou refuse? Thou art accused by Almighty God, whose statutes thou hast transgressed. Thou art accused by his Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, whom thou didst dare to tempt and presume to crucify. Thou art accused by the human race, to whom by thy persuasion thou hast given to drink the poison of death. Therefore I adjure thee, most wicked dragon in the name of the immaculate lamb, who trod upon the asp and basilisk, who trampled the lion and dragon, to depart from this man, to depart from the Church of God. Tremble and flee at the invocation of the name of the Lord at whom hell trembles, to whom the virtues of heaven, the powers and dominions are subject, whom cherubim and seraphim with unwearied voices praise, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Sabbath. The word made flesh commands thee. He who was born of the Virgin commands thee. Jesus of Nazareth commands thee, who, although thou didst despise his disciples, bade thee go, crushed and prostrate, out of the man, and in his presence, when he had separated thee from the man, thou didst not presume to go into a herd of swine.

Therefore, adjured now in his name, depart from this man, whom he has created. It is hard for thee to wish to resist. It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. Because the more slowly thou go out, the more the punishment against thee increases, since thou despisest not men but him who is Lord of the quick and the dead, who shall come to judge the quick and the dead and the world by fire.

Our society recognizes demonic possession through pop culture, because let’s face it, you don’t get that many real life Exorcism stories on the 6 O’Clock News! Since 1973 “The Exorcist” has been considered by most, the scariest movie ever made. I think there’s a reason behind that opinion. I know when I was a child and saw “The Exorcist” for the very first time, I didn’t feel safe for a long time. The fact that these things have been documented in real life and are not just made up monsters, it made me question if I was vulnerable for a possession. I knew that even if I locked my bedroom door and crawled under my blankets, it couldn’t and wouldn’t keep the demons away. They could be right under the blanket with me. It makes you revisit one’s faith. Ah, I love horror. That movie set a standard for me, It took me awhile to realize it, but the truth of the matter is… I loved being scared.

If a horror movie can get to me and make me squirm & make me think, and the true test, if it can give me chills that run up and down my back… then that is the highest recommendation I can give any horror movie. The “chill” factor is a big one. People just love being scared. That’s why we are all horror fans or at least one of the reasons. You’re always looking for that perfect movie, that ultimate scare! For me, and many like me, that ultimate scare comes from the very real threat of demons and possessions. For others, that ultimate scare may come from a Great White Shark in the Ocean or a Child Murderer in your Nightmares?

Let us explore Demonic Possession a little more deeply. There will be both physical and mental changes to the afflicted. These changes can be bold or almost unnoticeable. There can be sudden changes in mood. It could start as just being abnormally quiet but grow into almost a catatonic state. There may be a change in sleep patterns where the subject never sleeps or always sleeps, weight loss and drop in body temperature will follow. Their behavior may become hostile and very sexual. They may turn violent toward others and themselves and that could include self mutilation. You’ll witness in increase in vulgarity and possible open excessive masturbation.

Warning, this sexual aggression could be turned towards others. Self humiliation may include urinating and defecating on themselves. Most importantly, there will be complete lack of respect to any holy symbols. The advanced stages will include discolored eyes which could almost even appear completely black. Possible symbols and marks engraved in the subjects skin, look for these in places that the afflicted may not even be able to reach themselves. There will be violent vomiting and perhaps paranormal activity such as ESP, Telepathy, and Psychokinesis. You could see levitation of themselves and/or levitation of items in the same room as them. They may have the ability to speak in foreign tongues and/or speak in inhuman voices which may even include animal sounds. In short, the unbelievable will suddenly become very believable. We will revisit this subject again with the Third and Final Exorcism

Unexplained Confidential: Second Exorcism


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