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New British Horror Film SNIPER CORPSE – Trailer and Stills

The film at its heart is about death. What death is, what happens when we die, where we go to and what it would feel like if we were brought back. It’s a rich and deep subject to address in a film and coupled with exciting and gory action scenes hopefully an interesting and thought-provoking story which people can think about and enjoy.


UK company Other Dimension Films Ltd has just completed a new horror feature film entitled  “Sniper Corpse”
It is an action packed zombie soldier film with a heart at its centre and it is jammed full of exploding heads and blood and gore with full 1980’s practical make up FX in the vein of Robocop etc.
The film is newly completed and is going out to festivals now and looking for worldwide distribution.

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  1. Please ignore bad reviews for sniper corpse! This film was wonderfully acted and the actors deserve all the praise. That being said I would like to thank those who put in the effort and actually turned up to the southend horror fest, your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, and for those who are purposely trying to sabotage this film: please grow up and stop acting too big for your boots. Very childish behaviour which isn’t tolerated in the film industry.


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