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Craig Rees to Star in “A Fight in The Tree-tops”

Could British actor Craig Rees throw his name into the hat to play the next James Bond after Daniel Craig finishes Bond 25.

The actor who just got cast in the thriller ‘A Fight in The Tree-tops’ is playing an MI6 agent in this dark mystery that is a mix between ‘Misery’ and ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo’ which will begin production at Pinewood Studios late this summer.

Currently Rees can be seen in ‘Whispers with Barbara Nedeljajova and Keeley Hazell, and will also be out with the 2011 London riot based thriller ‘Violence’ out this year.

The actor who just turned 44 is a Green tea fanatic and celebs like Jared Leto Jennifer Connelly and Alexandra Daddario must drink the same stuff as they never seem to age. Stay tuned for the trailer coming out soon for ‘A Fight in The Tree-tops.


  1. Sounds interesting.

  2. I had the great privilege of meeting Craig Rees when he worked in a fish and chip shop called the Flaming Pig in the UK. I recognised him immediately from his role as a waiter in Sex and the City in which he appeared for less than 2 seconds in a nonspeaking role back when the show was at the peak of its popularity. With such audacious credentials I really wanted to hear news of any forthcoming roles. I was blown away as he revealed while battering several sausages at once that he was currently playing the role of an arch conman called Craig Rice who went around swindling people including old ladies out of their life savings. He explained the character uses false investment opportunities and then mendaciously holds their initial investments to ransom in order to further swindle them. In between serving the battered sausages and indeed, in between roles, he told me he was lying low from his prodigious acting career for a while after falsely claiming to have been trained at the RSC. He was currently being hotly pursued by their lawyers as a consequence. I could tell he had taken to his current role of a talentless and duplicitous filth bucket and arch conman like a duck to water. He further revealed that to fully get into character he would soon have to go and live in America illegally. There can be no doubt that Craig will make the perfect new James Bond, particularly as there is currently some debate as to whether 007 should be turned into a woman Doctor Who style. By choosing this little known actor, we are less controversially opting for someone who “lies” (compulsively) between the two.


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