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It’s the Final Week To Invest In The Horror Equity Fund

Horror Equity Fund Inc. has opened the investment process to horror fans for a limited time.  Never before have horror fans had the opportunity to own a piece of a horror movie business and the movies that they produce.  Hurry, Don’t delay because this is the final week to invest before this opportunity goes away forever.

“Today, we are experiencing a new golden era in Horror entertainment. Our model establishes a cross-collateralized, diversified portfolio that mitigates risk and subsequently increases the opportunity for the highest return on investment. HEF curates, develops, and accelerates to market projects in film, television, virtual reality, augmented reality, live presentations, publishing, video gaming, merchandising, internet, and other transmedia categories, creating a unique portfolio of profit participation.

Though the commitment to Horror and Thriller entertainment is thriving, the world of Horror has lacked a community where they can find one another, participate in and profit from this popular genre. Horror Equity Fund offers those fans, content creators and investors transparency, honesty, integrity and one of the deepest creative benches in Horror.

Fans, Content Creators, and Investors will begin to experience the benefits of HEF and immediately participate in the Mutual Fund of Horror.”

HEF is offering investors the opportunity to access, participate in, and profit from
the exciting world of horror and thriller entertainment.
For more information please contact:
Elizabeth@seraphicpr.com or visit”

Big Announcement Coming Soon from Horror Equity Fund & Horrornews.net 


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