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Horror Equity Fund, Inc Investment Campaign now In Final Weeks

Horror Equity Fund, Inc. (HEF) Investment
Campaign now In Final Weeks

Beverly Hills January 2018: Horror Equity Fund, Inc.
(HEF) is headed into the final weeks of their Reg. CF
investment funding campaign.

HEF is an entertainment company that specializes in
the horror genre. Historically, horror has the highest rate of return in
film so investing in HEF means investors may participate in defined
profits from all revenue sources including films, video games (AR/VR),
web and ad revenues. The investors own a piece of Horror Equity
Fund Inc. and all their projects.

With as little as $100 any investor can also benefit from the fantastic
perks offered by Shudder streaming services, Ikan film and video
accessories, Restaurants.com and Chris and Jane’s Place Zombie

“HEF’s mission is to establish itself as the premier destination for
investors, content creators and fans to join forces in making
profitable horror properties in film, TV, gaming, live events and
publishing,” says Marlon Schulman, Co-founder and CEO of HEF.
For more information and updates from HEF you can visit
www.StartEngine.com/Horror-Equity-Fund and become an investor

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