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Interview: Cassie Scerbo (Truth or Dare)

First off the trailer for “Truth or Dare” looks incredibly good and scary. How you get involved in the film?

Thank you! It’s definitely not for the weak-stomached. I auditioned for this role, which made me feel very deserving of it. Sometimes I’ll get offered a part in a film and of course that is an incredible feeling as I’m trusted to carry a character, but the fact that I went in the room numerous times and chemistry read as well, made it feel even more gratifying to book! I loved the script and was familiar with Nick Simon from Wes Craven’s “Girl in the Photographs”, which made me even more excited to start shooting! I knew he’d deliver and he sure did.

How did you prepare to prepare to play Alex?

My typical way to prep for a role is to start a diary as the character. As I write down all my thoughts and memories in character, dating back to early life, I find I continuously learn more about who I’m playing; their secrets, fears, loves and losses etc. This allows me to fully embody the character. I did this with Alex. I also made sure to build strong relationships with my co-stars.

What types of challenges did you face while shooting the film?    

We (my cast and I) had to endure some intense scenes together, before we’d start I’d ask Nick (our director) if we could scream for 30 seconds before going into the scene. If a scene was emotional, I’d hug whoever I was about to act with, or place my hand on their heart before action was called. That initial physicality helps me to mentally dive in. It’s something I’ve been doing for a while and always seems to “get me there”.

I’d say the finale scene was the most challenging part of filming. Brytni Sarpy and I had to stay in hysteria for 10 hours straight. Even during our lunch break and camera set-ups we would listen to songs to keep us emotional, hug, scream and so forth. I actually wound up with a terrible sore throat the next morning from all of the screaming and crying…but it was worth it! A lot of people compare our dynamic to that of a “Thelma and Louise”, which is just epic!

Did you always know you wanted to be an actor?

Always. Never was there a doubt in my mind. I’ve always felt a desire to tell a story in any art form, whether that be acting, singing or dancing. I love performing and being able to move people.

What was it like working with the rest of the cast?

I loved working with this cast. Everyone was completely committed to the insanity! We also grew close outside of work. On off-days we got to explore, eat at delicious restaurants and enjoy Birmingham together. It was a blast!

Do you have any Halloween traditions you can share with the fans?

I like to switch it up!! I don’t have any specific Halloween tradition, just to get dressed up and have an absolute blast! I absolutely love this holiday, it’s one of my favorites! I love to go all out with my costumes, hair and make-up. However, I must do Halloween Horror Nights or the Haunted Hayride each year. I love getting scared around this time!

What would you like to say to everyone that will be watching the movie?

Buckle up! It’s one heck of a ride… and if you like gore, this one’s for you! We poured our hearts into this film so I truly hope everyone enjoys it! Also, let me know your thoughts!

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