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What is the best resource for a horror movie screenwriter?

Deciding on screenwriting as a career is like committing to walking up hill forever! It’s hard work, long hours, aching muscles, and masochistic. But when you finally reach that peak! Bliss. Mine was that first professional gig – a spec I wrote fell into the hands of a Showrunner on the hit CBS TV series Hawaii Five-O. Opportunity meeting preparation. And if I can do it, so can you! – Steve Douglas-Craig

The New Screenwriter
Coaching a Career. Not just Coverage

The New Screenwriter is an essential service available to all screenwriters for whatever stage of development you are at –

The Free Consult .
The Story Outline / Treatment
The Script
Full Development

Why did Steve Douglas-Craig create The New Screenwriter?

My time at the American Film Institute Conservatory here in LA was extremely cathartic. I ‘found’ myself as a writer thanks to a mentor who took me through my paces without coddling me. She was uncompromising, tough, and skilled and had clearly read your pages thoroughly when she came to class. Her feedback was honest, open and on point. I flourished inside her process of development (which was designed to mirror a real development process), and knew I wanted to create a similar experience for others someday (even teach at a college level myself). Not everyone gets to attend a Grad program for various reasons. So I wanted to take the joy, blood, sweat and tears I’d experienced back out to those who still have the drive it would take to do this crazy job.

That’s what The New Screenwriter is. It’s not a random coverage site where you throw money at some agency or studio intern for a dime’s worth of feedback. It’s a place you can be coached in the creation of a screenplay; somewhere you could come and KNOW the guy reading your script, sculpting your outline or making suggestions for characters and storyline is who he says he is… who you’re paying to mentor you through what can be an arduous process; a teacher.

The New Screenwriter is a ‘menu-based’ website. So, if you already have an outline you’re happy with, we can start at the script stage. If you have a coffee-stained napkin with one single idea or character-type on it, we can start there. We’ve even created a place where more advanced Indie Producers looking for a polish or larger development or pitch-based work can go. In a lot of ways, The New Screenwriter is a reaction to the impersonal nature of coverage sites… an attempt to create a more personal, hands-on approach to learning the craft of screenwriting while also employing years of development executive and story analyst experience.

To schedule a session, email me at sdc@thenewscreenwriter.com. Look forward to setting your story free.

Steve Douglas-Craig
– Since graduating from the American Film Institute, I’ve been working steadily on my writing and working to develop other works. My film business acumen has been acquired through my work at Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (SPWA). At SPWA I have acquired a great deal of knowledge in story and project development, deal making, producing and packaging films, and some budget construction.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have access to a great many top-line contacts in talent agencies, production companies, financing houses and other major studios. The chance to read stories of all mediums widely and keep in contact with what’s happening in the film and TV industry have made me an asset both where I work and to potential employers looking for a great development and acquisitions creative in the future. I love it! That’s the secret. The passion.

All I’ve gleaned combined with a strong work ethic and integrity makes me an excellent prospect… not to mention continuing to develop my own projects through blood, sweat and tears. That is just another string to a bow I use to provide the type of material that talent, financiers and studios are looking for in the ever-changing movie and TV market.

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  1. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    Yeaaaaah, this sounds very much like a scam. He’s not an agent he has no connections and no meaningful body of work. Checking his IMDB he wrote a single episode of Hawaii 5.0. Maybe it’s another case of ‘those who can’t do teach.’


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