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Film Review: Rupture (2016) – Review 2


A single mother is abducted by a group of mysterious people who subject her to a series of terrifying experiments.


I saw the trailer for Rupture several weeks ago and didn’t think that it looked like it was anything special. To me it appeared to be just another forgettable torture p*rn flick with very little going for it. Despite my initial thoughts about it I reluctantly decided to check it out when I got the opportunity to do so and went into it with pretty low expectations. While it was a little better than I thought it would be after everything was said and done I have to say that I just wasn’t that impressed with it and felt pretty underwhelmed by it. It isn’t a terrible movie as it does at least have some thought behind it but I just can’t honestly see many viewers getting that into it for a number of reasons.

One of the biggest problems that I had with it was its plot. If you’ve ever seen any other movie where someone is kidnapped by a mysterious group for some unknown reason and then psychologically tortured over and over again then you have pretty much already seen Rupture. The entire movie is pretty much made up of scenes of our main character having spiders (her greatest fear) dumped on her while a bunch of weird people stand around observing and saying cryptic and mysterious things while she screams and freaks out.

Other than scenes involving her trying to escape (and the bizarre ending) that is pretty much the entire film. I guess it was sort of interesting trying to figure out who her captors where and what they were trying to accomplish by tormenting her before it was all finally revealed but even that got boring after a while. While I did think that the reason for doing what they do to her was kind of cool and creative by the time we find out I really just didn’t care anymore and was just ready for the movie to be over with because I was tired of seeing essentially the same two scenes play out repeatedly.

I also thought that there should have just been more going on during the course of the movie. There are really no subplots whatsoever and as such this is why we are treated to pretty much just the same two types of scenes over and over again. I think that they should have thrown in a subplot involving someone trying to find the main character as it seems as though no one really cares about the fact that she is missing.

This would have at least helped break up the monotony that takes place through the course of the film (and given us more locations to look at other than pretty much just the secret lab where she is being held for the biggest majority of the time) and made things a little more interesting at least.  I think that this film would have really worked as a short and not a full length feature as another problem appears to be that there just wasn’t enough substance to milk it out to 90 minutes or so which is why we get so many redundant scenes.

Not everything about it is bad though. The acting is actually quite good for the most part (especially on the part of Noomi Rapace, who plays the main character) and I enjoyed seeing Michael Chiklis show up at one point (even though he looks like he would much rather be someone else. It could be because he is just credited as “Bald Man” though).

I also actually liked the reason as to why the main character is kidnapped and tormented as well as I thought it was a neat idea (too bad it takes so long to get to the pay off though).  I also liked the ending as well even though I have a feeling that some viewers are going to hate it because it does have a rushed feeling to it (almost to the point that they either ran out of money or film) and we have a big question that pretty much goes unanswered.  Even though I wasn’t particularly a fan of the movie and it does have its share of flaws I will admit that it also had a few things going for it that actually worked for the most part.

I think that Rupture could have actually been a good movie because it does have a great cast and a pretty good idea behind it for the most part but the execution was more than a little sloppy. Had they had a better screenwriter I daresay it could have been quite good. As it is I thought that it was not so great and could have been a lot better had the people behind it tried a little harder. I have a feeling that it is going to be one of those movies that I don’t even remember the name of this time next year and I don’t think that I will be alone as I am sure there are a lot of other viewers out there who will soon forget about it as well. Check it out if it sounds like something you might be into but don’t expect to be blown away by it.

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  1. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    It’s not a bad movie. It’s just a story that could have been done justice in 45 minutes.


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