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NOSFERATU Photos Latest Shoot from Horrify Me


Award winning UK horror photography studio resurrects a vintage icon

Horrify Me Studio has breathed life into one of the original icons of horror cinema, Nosferatu. Artist and photographer Rick Jones had his sights set on this shoot for quite some time, but never wanted to do it with a rubber bald cap.

“I wanted to use a female model rather than a male, for the simple reason that I wanted to give Nosferatu a more feminine and sensual quality and a more delicate expressive hand movement. But this meant finding a woman brave enough to shave herself bald, as the latex bald cap simply wasn’t an option. Even the best bald caps can look kind of fake in certain conditions, and I just didn’t want that distraction.”

nosferatu-horror-photography-Horrify-Me-Studiojpg-(1) nosferatu-horror-photography-Horrify-Me-Studiojpg-(16) nosferatu-horror-photography-Horrify-Me-Studiojpg-(15) nosferatu-horror-photography-Horrify-Me-Studiojpg-(14) nosferatu-horror-photography-Horrify-Me-Studiojpg-(13) nosferatu-horror-photography-Horrify-Me-Studiojpg-(12) nosferatu-horror-photography-Horrify-Me-Studiojpg-(6) nosferatu-horror-photography-Horrify-Me-Studiojpg-(3) nosferatu-horror-photography-Horrify-Me-Studiojpg-(2) nosferatu-horror-photography-Horrify-Me-Studiojpg-(11) nosferatu-horror-photography-Horrify-Me-Studiojpg-(9) nosferatu-horror-photography-Horrify-Me-Studiojpg-(8)

Luckily, a local girl named Sara Cridland answered the call. Not only was she willing to shave her hair off right to the skin but she also arranged a charity event and used her extreme hair cut to raise almost £1000 for a cancer charity.

The shoot features Rick’s wife Claire, who lent her neck to feed Nosferatu’s relentless thirst.

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Nosferatu – Sara Cridland Victim – Claire Jones Vampire makeup, photography, lighting, editing – Rick Jones (HORRIFY ME)

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